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FBI said I was my parents' baby she stole - but I found the real thing.

In 1964, when a one-day baby, Paul Joseph Fronczak, was taken from a Chicago infirmary, the horrible tale made news all over America. Then two years later, an abandoned boy was diagnosed as a missed baby and given to his easy-going family. Many years later Paul began to examine what had occurred - and was horrified by what he found.

When Paul Fronczak was 10 years old, he went looking for Christmas presents in his parents' cellar. "Two hundred searches for baby thefts. "Mom asks the kidnapper to give the baby back. "He recognized his mom and dad in the photos, looked desperate and much younger. And then he saw that her little boy, Paul Joseph, had been abducted.

Dora Fronczak, his mom, gave life to a little boy at the Michael-Reese hospital in Chicago on April 26, 1964. The baby had been breastfed all morning - when he wasn't asleep with other baby mothers. On the other hand, the clinic did not inform the government - or the baby's parent - until this noon.

Around 3 pm they phoned their mother Chester Fronczak at the plant where he worked as a machine operator. "He had to quit work, go to the infirmary and tell his missus that the baby was missing," says Paul. "Think you' re sure - you're in a clinic - and your baby's being abducted.

Exited by his discoveries, Paul ran up with a fistful of excerpts to ask his mom if they had talked about him. So Dora was angry and scolded him for sniffing. "Paul knew that he did not have to address the issue again, and he did not - for another 40 years. Dora and Chester spent a whole weekend in the infirmary after the abduction awaiting updates.

In spite of all the PR, there were no reliable clues - her baby had vanished without a trace. What was the matter? Then in March 1966, almost two years later, Dora and Chester got a note from the FBI - a small child had been found in Newark, New Jersey, that corresponded to his son's inscription. But before they could, a policeman from New Jersey had the impression that the boy could be the baby from Chicago.

Not much to do - there were no records of Paul Joseph's genealogy, nor had the infirmary taken the baby's prints or feet. "In the end, they tested over 10,000 young men who could possibly be Paul, and I was the only one they couldn't completely rule out," says Paul.

"At the time, the FBI was the elitist power, and when they tell you something, you believe it," says Paul. They left Chicago three month later to see the boy who could be their boy in the New Jersey Children's Fund office. Also Dora and Chester had to be allowed to adopted the baby who is now formally known as Scott.

"and they let us meet for a while," says Paul. "Dora has since said to Paul that she felt the whole earth was observing her. "Dora said it was her boy. "and I' m happy that she did," says Paul.

You brought him to Chicago and officially adopted him. Their front teeth were affectionate adults, albeit - naturally - overprotective. St. Paul was sent to a Catholics college with a rigorous clothing policy, but he liked skirt tunes and was wearing his long coat. Once, during a fierce dispute over the length of his fur, Dora said:

" Paul didn't change that. Paul graduated from high-school and left home to work as a bassist with a Arizona based music group. Three years later, when the group disbanded, he went back to Chicago, but soon became uneasy and entered the military for a year. Paul got engaged for the second year in 2008 and soon he and his spouse, Michelle, were waiting for a schoolteacher and a child.

He was thrilled. However, when the midwife asked about the family' health incidents, it struck Paul that he was not really sure how to respond. Since he had heard about the abduction, he had been wondering if he really was the child of his family. "What are the odds of me being this one baby from Chicago?"

It seemed his mom and dad were close to his younger bro, Dave. All of them were calm and reserved, while Paul liked to hear louder sounds and speedy motorcycles. "And now the issue began to pursue him - was he really the baby that was theft? "I' ve wanted to do a D.N.A. test with my folks for years," says Paul.

However, one of these days in 2012, Paul discovered non-prescription genomic kit for sale and purchased it. Paul, when his Chicago counterparts came to see him, took up the temerity to address the topic about an hour before they were to go. "Do you ever wonder if I'm your true son?" he asked.

Surprised, his mom and dad confessed that they had done it. Paulus then took his family to the airfield. However, when their airplane arrived a few flights later, Dora and Chester had altered their mind. So they called Paul and asked him not to mail the kit - he was their boy and that was it.

"I' ve kept these specimens in my desktop for a few weeks," says Paul. "Every single time I struggled with it because I loved my mum and dad, I wanted to honor their desires, but sometimes you just have to do what you think is right. Having answered some safety issues, he was said that there was "no immediate possibility" that he was Paul Fronczak, Dora and Chester's biologic son.

My sweat got all over me," says Paul. If not Dora and Chester Fronczak, who were Paul's family? What did happen to the original Paul? Prior to even sharing the message with his family, Paul phoned a regional investigation investigator, George Knapp, to ask for their help. Paul Joseph Fronczak was soon once again a piece of international newswork.

"You have to realize that the primary purpose of what I did was to find the right kid for my parents," says Paul. "You were the most stunning family. "As a result of the IPO, the FBI resumed the Fronczak abduction case. You had found 10 crates full of genuine case documents in Chicago - but because the results of the DNS showed that he was not the baby that was stole, Paul had no right to see any of it.

On June 3, 2015, two years after they began their examination, she talked to Paul on the telephone. And Paul said, "It is a mighty name. There was a table soccer player. He had a twinsister, Jill. Now Paul had to find a third party. "And I don't think you could have heard that you had a Gemini and couldn't find that guy for the whole of his life," says Moore.

Paul, who had always felt attracted to making great musicians, was pleased to learn that his cockusin Lenny Rocco was also a professional performer - he had been a doo-wop vocalist in the early fifties. "For me this really shows that you don't have to be brought up by your true parent to have the same quality and character characteristics - like playing songs, I've never been at her mercy, but I was attracted to her," says Paul.

"I' ve been playing in all my lifelong groups, and when I met my proper home, I had to go sat down and join Lenny's group. "But not all his cousins greeted him with open arms, and Paul soon found that there was a darkness in his organic world.

Hints exist that Paul and his twinsister Jill - who had two older brothers and a younger one - had been severely overlooked. No one knows exactly what exactly happend, but when members of the household asked about the Gemini, they were informed that another member of the household was taking care of them - even though it does look like nobody.

St. Paul thinks that "something tragic" might have happened to Jill, and that this may have triggered the choice to get Jack out, "because they couldn't just declare a Gemini". Paul described the turns of his obsessive and sometimes courageous quest for answer in his Foundling.

Eventually he excavates the gardens of the building where the Rosenthals once used to live, in the hope of finding the remnants of his twinsister. "I mean, my mom and dad weren't really very friendly folks. Paul says, "You rescued my family. Paul made friends with his adopted partners two years after they broke up over the results of the DNS, and for the first ever he met them to really discuss what had really gone on.

And Dora was telling him what she'd been through. "Now I know that these incidents have influenced my mother as she is today," says Paul. "It is my mother's endless debt to turn Paul over to the nursing staff. Although she knows that this is done in a clinic, the orderly says: "We need your baby", you give the baby.

" He also gave Paul a scrapbook of photos and correspondence from the families who had taken care of him for a year and christened him Scott McKinley. My grandma had a picture gallery with all the children in the order chronologically, and the page with the twin babies on it was torn out.

" Paul's dad, Chester, passed away last August, but Paul talks to his mother every few nights. On 27 October Dora turns 82 - they happen to be sharing a birth date. You know, Dora has got a lot of misgivings about the whole thing. "Paul is as resolved as ever to find out what really went on with Dora's boy.

"There is a really powerful leadership in a possible biologic Paul - and the other one may be my twinsister. "Exhuming is a complicated and expensive procedure, but Paul is unimpressed. St. Paul acknowledges that his possession of the inquiry may have led to its dissolution. "It has also been helpful for him to comprehend things about himself, such as why he could never set down.

" And CeCe Moore asks himself how all this has affected the young Paulus. "Why did they come to the same conclusion that he was Paul Fronczak? Was there any evidence of injuries that might have been interpreted as a abducted baby rather than a baby with a somewhat improper life," she asks.

"I' m gonna be Paul until they find Paul. When I find Paul, I will give him his birthright and I will demand mine. "Paul Joseph Fronczak is co-author with Alex Tresniowski of The Foundling - the truest tale of a abduction, a mystery of the whole hostage and my quest for the truest self.

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