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Infant carrier GEFAHR The assumption was that kids are much more safe in a rear-facing posture. Research suggests that holding a child in a backward posture supports the evolution of the throat, brain and vertebral column for as long as possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics had previously proposed that infants up to the ages of two should use a rear-facing chair.

"There is more space for the development of the mind, throat, and backbone every few months that a baby drives back a little longer. "That'?s why we really want children to go in the back. Kerry Chausmer, Safe Kids' certified manager, says: "It provides better protection for the brain, throat and spinal column in the event of an accident.

"Actually, babies are more secure backwards, not only their heads, necks and spines, but also their feet, so it's okay if the babies' feet meet the back of the car seat," she added. Car accidents are the most common cause of deaths in the USA for infants over the ages of four.

"It'?s best to keep your kid in the back as long as possible. "It' still the surest way for kids to ride."

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Automobile car seat, child seat and travelling equipment help keep your baby safer, protected and maintained when travelling together. When you' re at home, baby walking frames and baby rockers are ideal for first-time toddlers. When you are getting ready for a fresh start, you will also need one of our baby carrier chairs.

Car seat for infants | Car seat for infants

It is important to remember that when it comes to the Children Seats Act, you have the responsibilities to make sure that you agree with it. Kindersitzgesetz was enacted in the UK in 2006. This will ensure that young people are safe if they are unfortunate enough to have an unfortunate crash while on the move.

According to the Act, all kids under 135 cm in size need a carseat for all travel, so it's best to think about the right carseat before your little bunch of fun comes. The correct installation of the car safety chair is indispensable.

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