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Car seat accessories at reasonable prices. With our range of car accessories we take the stress out of long journeys with the little ones. Security accessories such as baby mirrors and. Make sure that your little ones make themselves comfortable and have fun with our range of pram accessories on your travels together. Take a look at car seats &


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The Ford ISOfix Ford Focus mount set allows you to mount your car safety chair in just one hours. Ford Focus 2011. While you may not be able to stop your little pets from stepping in the back seats, you can stop their filthy legs from destroying the padding of your car with these Munchkin Deluxe Kick Mats.

The Ford ISOfix Ford Focus mount set allows you to mount your car safety chair in just one hours. Ford Focus 2011. Safe Lock Baby Safe Lock Auto Kids Buckle Lock Safety Buckle Safety Belts Belt Harness Knot Specification: It is EU-certified and suitable for kids over 125 cm and over 22 kg.

You' ll see a zipper that can be opened, which is so that you can handle your baby car seats for caring from car to car etc..


"These were on my two-month-old daughter's car seat when she was in a car accident," McKinney commented. During the subsequent inspection of the car, she further explains that the belts were fastened tightly and tactfully and that the car seating surface was still rigid. Pay attention to the sticker marked "E" on the saddle.

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The baby's safety, groups 0, 0+, 0-1, are appropriate from the moment of delivery. Rearward directed car seat for infants, the surest way for infants to journey, have a carrying grip (useful for carrying a baby sleep from the car) and some have bent pedestals for soft swinging. Lots of styles can be used with Isofix base in the car, so you don't have to wear a seat belt to lock it.

Car carrier bags can be placed along the back of your car, usually with security straps and two backs. Allows newborns to ride totally shallow, which is particularly encouraged by public authorities for longer trips. There is no limit because they are lying on the ground, so the baby can stay longer, sleep non-stop and sleep over night with a security bed.

Certain types (such as the Jané Matrix Light 2) can be fitted with an ISOFIX basis instead of safety harnesses, making it the most healthy and safe model on the shelves. Please click here for our CAR-SEAAT GUIDE.

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