Baby car Seat

Babyseat for baby carriage

You have come to the right place for child car seats and child travel accessories. Our car seats are available for children of all ages from top brands such as Joie, Britax and Maxi Cosi. CAUTION - The life of children is endangered by retail trade security advisories.

The life of CHILDRENS is endangered by prominent retail chains advising Parents, new research cautions. gigya.socialize. showShareBarUI(showShareBarUI_params); The Council given to Parents by strip merchant is that the being of juvenile is at probability, new research cautions. It was found that nine out of ten retail outlets that sell car seat products neglected to ask the customer'crucial' question when selecting a suitable seat for their car.

Neither of the shops surveyed in the test asked all security issues when giving tips on which baby seat to buy for a nine-month-old baby. Investigations revealed that shopkeepers who wanted to retrofit a baby seat for a nine-month-old baby with a weight of 20 pounds (nine kilos) were acting as clients and were sent to more than 200 shops selling them.

In order to meet all applicable requirements and advise clients confidently, sellers had to ask a number of important issues, such as the baby's size, gender, age und body-worthiness. "It is another disappointing bad news from retail outlets that had previously pledged to enhance the level of security consultation they give their clients when buying children's car seat.

"We have been informed by retail stores that the personnel will be educated to the highest standard. "Of course, that alone doesn't work, so it' urgent for retail stores to implement check lists to ensure that employees ask all the important security issues when they advise people. "Merchants were labeled with a "failure" if a related issue was not addressed, if there was a poor comprehension of the issue, or if it was demonstrated why a issue did not need to be addressed.

"Car seat should be adjusted to a child's body shape and body mass, not just in old age. What's more, the child's car seat should be adjusted to a child's body mass and body shape. "However, in 95 percent of shop calls, salespeople only asked the children's ages, which is not always the best indication of a child's heigth. "An important follow-up is whether the car seat would also be used in another car, but in 54 percent of cases the sellers did not ask for it.

And a spokesman for Mom and Dad said: "Halfords takes the security of kids very seriously. "All three large retail companies have asked Which? professionals for more information about the research results to help enhance their service. Investigations showed that unrelated businesses were better at providing security consulting than most large car seat dealers, with a failure ratio of 90 percent.

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