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Babyseat and pram

turn your phil teds stroller into a travel system with car seat adapters for most leading car seat brands. Greca' decorative pattern pram: Practical carrying handle Soft padded car seat: the Cybex car seats and buggies. Travelling systems for baby | phil&teds Car seat adapters allow you to raise your baby out of the car in their car seat and click on their pram with minimum interruption, providing the ultimate comfort for fast outings with your baby. Most baby carriages are built to fit with your baby's growth. 1 car seat adapter for a new baby or a baby & infant or 2 car seat adapters for twin attachments.

Choose a stroller below or check the car seat adapter table to find the car seat adapter that fits your car seat. You already have a car seat or phil&teds pram? our line of car seat adapters allows you to fit most top make car seat to your existing or older car seat phil&teds pram. For previous versions of Klassik, Sports, Dash oder e3 prams, create a travelling system with our existing line of car seat adapters!

automobile seat

Featuring DNA imbedded in the Doona's DNA, its ease of use makes it the world's first child seat with a fully featured and fully featured mobile seat. Built-in castors ensure that in less than 10 seconds you get out of your car with your valuable load level, safely and stylishly.

You no longer have to occupy precious trunk with a bulky trip system framework, fight in the cold while trying to deploy or collapse your undercarriage, or counterbalance your car seat in your arm with shoppers. No matter if you go to the gas stations, pick up a bar, go to the grocery store to buy your drink, or visit an international airfield, Doona is really the next evolution in terms of portability and comfort for parents and children.

The Doona exceeds every level of security, both in its initial car seat role and when transformed into a pram, and provides overall security for your baby in all conditions. The Doona is one of the most secure car seat on the market with its unmatched double-walled side collision guard, Anti-Rebound Bar Collision Technologie, 5 point seat belt and baby use.

The Doona is completely equipped with rain protection and seat protection and was developed together with medicine and technology specialists to ensure that the baby's baby's physique is correctly positioned and that its back and back are positioned to ensure maximum ergonomics, as well as comfortable and safe use. The Isofix car seat base is also contained, with which you can build your car seat into your car using the ISOFIX anchoring points.

Designed with security and ease at the cutting edge of styling, the basic is designed by clicking on the Doona car seat in place at Doona and unscrewing the clips from the basic to raise the seat from the car. Seat / pram: Isofix base:

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