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Explore our tips for caring for your baby's skin. Learn more about changing diapers, bathing and all the little everyday tasks involved in caring for your baby. Searching for an online definition of Well Baby Care in the Medical Dictionary? Well Baby Care statement for free. Whats good baby care?

Find out more about the care of newborns

This is where we look at everything from the attachment to your new baby and find a habit that works for you to the importance of touching a baby. In addition, tips on caring for your new baby's possessions and a special diaper changing course.


The United Kingdom has one of the poorest nursing rates in Europe. TV host and Myleene Klass, a pro wearing a swimsuit, found out that giving breastmilk to boyfriends and girlfriends has a bad side effect - that everyone in the news (yes, that involves me) climbs up and begins talking about it.

Why doesn't the government provide hands-on assistance to pregnant women? Brasilian super model Gisele Bundchen has demanded that breastfeeding be compulsory for the first six month of her baby's age. How can you make sure your baby has a prosperous upbringing?


Drypers in Southeast Asia and Pequeñin in South America are further powerful local brand names. Our strategic objective is to remain number one or number two in the chosen market segments in which we have a presence. It is important for baby care to have a range of premiums or premiums in order to be able to compete.

Introducing new, cutting-edge technologies strengthens Baby Care's brand and position in the markets. Over the year, we introduced five breakthroughs, among them a new breed of Libero Up&Go. In 2017, we closed the Sanitary Care division in India, which focuses mainly on baby care. It was closed because it was considered that viability could not be reached within a satisfactory timeframe.


In China, the single-use diaper industry is still buoyant, fuelled by the prosperity of the growing Middle classes and their demand for convenient nappies. It has facilitated easy entry to foreign brand names, especially from abroad, and has triggered stiff pricing pressure for SME product lines, although a prime sector is still flourishing.

Recently introduced customs duty on e-commerce import should reinforce the location of Anerle, a local trademark manufactured by a Hengan International Group Company, Ltd. Long run nappy sales are expected to grow positively as single-use nappies are an urbane phenomena in China and their distribution throughout the country is low. Moreover, the abolition of the two-child rule should boost baby care demands across the board.

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