Baby Care Clothes


Probably you won't want to do hand washing with a little baby to take care of. One good rule is to wear an extra layer of clothing as you wear it. With our extensive range of baby clothing we offer you everything you need to fill a new baby wardrobe and a large selection of unisex baby clothing. All you need to know about caring for your baby clothes, including what you can wash your baby's clothes with & the best baby detergent.

Size and age table of baby clothes

Purchasing baby clothes is similar to gambling the raffle; you secure your wagers on a number and hopefully it will be the right one. Whilst it is true  that baby grows very quickly, it is possible to buy clothes for them that fits - at least for the moment. You can use our sizes and ages table to find out what sizes you should buy.

In case of doubts, buy by your own body mass and your own body length and not by your own aging! It' always sure to go one sizes up, except for baby nightwear.

What to do with your baby's clothes. Our blog.

I and Ludovic have been using Marseille soap flakes to clean our baby's clothes, linen and baby napkins since the first times we took the small objects out of the box just before he was due to be delivered (all good baby textbooks will tell you that it is important to clean everything once before putting your baby on a new cloth).

Marseille soap is produced in southern France according to a very tradition and nature procedure, is the most efficient and allergenic cleaning agent you can find. Produced from Kopraöl ( coir nut extracts ) and Palmöl ( an extraction from the Palmfrucht - naturally lastingly cultivated) and is suited for the cold Handwäsche of screen, Wolle, Feinwäsche and Dessous as well as for the Maschinenwäsche.

If you have never used the barrels, and if you have never likened them to your normal washing fluid, the barrels may look frightening, but they are actually quite easy to use. When you decide to handwash your baby's most sensitive clothes, you should use a handful of tufts for 2 litres of tapas - put them directly into the bowl.

Don't neglect to use cool mineral waters for your wools! Two handfuls of flocks with warm running tap are put into a receptacle for your laundry, to disintegrate the soapflakes before use (I keep an old glass of marmalade near my laundry in order to keep it there... recycling and reusing it is our motto!), shaken well and then fill it into your washer.

In case you should choose a different size, you will find Marseilles soap in a fluid version for daily use on all types of spots. Generally, the use of environmentally safe detergents helps you to save your precious washing times and to keep your family's clothes safe - because not only baby's have delicate skins!

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