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Online shopping for baby care products

There is a large selection of baby toys, travel accessories and hygiene for toddlers and babies. In our Baby Online Shop you will also find compact prams that fit into an aircraft as hand luggage. A trusted baby care brand to care for the baby's soft skin, it has been used by mothers for generations. A trusted baby care brand for babies' soft skin, it has been used by mothers for generations. They can even earn points for buying baby items online.

Honesty was established in 1984 and has been producing cruel scalp and scalp care for over 30 years.

Honesty was established in 1984 and has been producing cruel scalp and scalp care for over 30 years. Articles are always chosen according to their qualities and animal/environmental characteristics, and we are progressively introducing biologicals. Our main focus is on smaller companies whose high street items are not widespread, with the goal of offering selection and services to make shopping ethically simple and pleasant.

Our shipping services are quick and effective, and our assistance is available from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.00.

Awards & deal in the App Store

All parents deserve to be rewarded! Become a member of the Pampers Clubs and take advantage of all the advantages of Pampers Clubs premium memberships. Transform your diapers and baby care items into treats and stunning presents for infants, your baby or your whole famil. Just browse and browse the Pampers Clubs application, take a picture of your shopping vouchers, collect points and cash in tens of awards, from diaper vouchers to personalized presents.

Accumulate points by buying your copy of every piece of jewelry you buy in shops such as Amazon, Boots, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Ocado, Tesco and others. Become a member of the club now and receive 500 free points just for registering! Upload your buddies and peers and earn 100 extra free rewards for everyone who participates!

Begin to earn reward in just a few moments with the Players Club reward! Please browse and browse the list of available downloads and login to your area. Whenever you buy and purchase baby equipment such as newborns, diapers and baby slings fromampers, you take a picture of your purchase invoice with the App's receiver scanners.

You' ll receive 10 Immediate Bonus Points for every 1 pound you spend on our baby care product. They can even earn points for buying baby items online. Cash in your bonus points and select from tens of different Fampers awards and presents for you, your baby, or your loved ones, personalized presents, and more!

The Pampers Club Member Recognition Awards offer stunning advantages such as: - Vouchers and coupons for the best baby articles and diapers for the newborn. - Personalized gift items such as calendars, books, bags and printed photos. - Magazines for health, parents and babies, such as Mother & Baby, Gurgle and Top Santé.

  • Baby presents, incl. games, jigsaws and reading materials. - More great presents for infants, mothers, fathers and the whole world! Purchasing documents should be rescanned within 30 workingdays of the purchase. 1 ¬£ = 10 reward points. Become a member of the Pampers Club now! I did, however, encounter some issues that I reported to the Pampers Club, but there was no improv.

An output is that when you are uploading a slip (and I mainly use online slip), the cutting utility you need to use always trims the edge of the online slip and undoubtedly makes it more difficult to reread. A further problem is that if there are several packages on a voucher, this is often missing and therefore not the right points are awarded.

This is what I said in the 3 cases where I had to contact support via e-mail, but there was no room for improvements in this area. After all, I've been turned down evidence before because it's in the right form, and I didn't think the Pampers Club would have done enough to let me know, so I almost forgot the resubmission time.

I' ll write down the comment you have made about our application features, and if you have any issues with points outstanding or evidence declined, I' d like to urge you to keep using the Pampers Club application Contacts page as our technical staff would like to help you as best they can.

Do not know if it just isn't very well put together or if they have intentionally made it so hard to get right that you loose the will to survive by trying to load up evidence and end up just not disturbing. When it comes to building fidelity, it doesn't really seem like a rewards when it requires so much trouble to be right for the minute number of points you get.

It' s awkward and difficult to use the up-load feature, when it comes to online document uploads, the cropping feature is difficult to use (and pointless), and you spent an eternity doing it right, then when you go back inside, it didn't even load the cut area, but everything in the orginal image... why trouble?!

Just 30 and a half day to load up a voucher - it sometimes lasts longer than trying to get it right and wait for an answer from them. Our rewards program is reviewed periodically to enhance your Pampers Club membership experiences. As many as six members of your household can use this application if sharing is activated.

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