Baby Care Products

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Naturally formulated care products to protect baby hair Massaging oils become baby oils. Moisturising and calming massaging fluid for baby and infant. Conceived for massages, this pleasurable care product helps you feel good from birth(1). Skin lotion for baby and infant, from birth(1). Contains infants that have just been released from Neonatal Care.

Moisturising face creme for baby and infant, from birth(1).

Your child's hide is sensitive and unripe up to the ages of 3: it has little protection against rough weather (cold, breeze, direct sunlight, dried weather, etc.), is irritable and sometimes tends to show reddish spots. Your baby's epidermis is also full of precious and singular cellular potentials that need to be protected.

Therefore, you must pay particular attention to it and use appropriate products. Here is our suggestion to make sure your baby's epidermis stays smooth, supple and pleasant every single minute of every single passing year! - It is important that you always select products that have been specifically designed for your baby's needs. - After a daily swim, gently moisten your baby's whole face and torso with a gentle moisturizer or moisturizer on regular skins or a moisturizer on drier skins.

  • Opportunity to briefly mass your baby when it's fun: softly rub the baby's whole bod with your moisturiser until it fully penetrates the epidermis, or use a baby specific massaging fluid. It is not only very efficient to relax your baby in anticipation of sleeping, it is also a great way to connect with your newborn.
  • Keep in mind to regularly inspect the area behind your baby's ear. The area is often missed, but it is susceptible to spikes and drought. - A moisturizer should be used on your baby's lip and vulnerable area. - Before going out with your baby during the fall or fall season, fully protect delicate areas (head, nostrils, neck, ear, hands, etc.) with hats, scarves, gloves, etc.

They not only help prevent children from catching a cold, but also prevent the cold and cold atmosphere from dehydrating.

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