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Fater's Pampers diapers, which are the most sold in Italy, are appreciated in the baby care product category. Bright baby - Brands - Naturally baby care As a result, a parent can select products that are better for both the baby and the parent while being more environmentally friendly. Almost 15 years ago Marlene Sandberg thought regularly about diapers. Ultimately, as all new mothers and fathers realise, diapers became an every day phenomenon.

During this time Marlene came across a news story about the harmful effects of single-use diapers on the environment in Sweden. Every baby in Sweden was generally to blame for half a metric tons of diapers per year. The diapers were stacked more and more, partly due to the fact that the majority of the materials used for the conventional single-use diapers were synthetic materials made of oils.

Whilst the diapers were out of Marlene's eyes, they were never really out of it. Indeed, she chose to dive into the one way diaper universe and make a better one. Marlene Naty, after five years of research and five years of research and innovation, founded Naty and introduced a biologically degradable and environmental safe diaper to the markets.

That diaper was well-recorded. After all, environmental conscious mothers had the option of choosing a one-way diaper that would allow them to turn black without giving up work. Naty and the Nature Babycare label have evolved from diapers to a series of baby care products. These include 100% 100% naturally occurring cloths marketed in naturally chalk-based packages to further minimise environmental impacts, 100% biologically degradable waste management pouches, and even a number of skin care products using biologically degradable and naturally occurring ingredients, as well as hyperallergenic and paraben-free skin care products.

Trademarks Fater S.p.A.

Fater, the first in Italy to offer a single-use plumbing support, the first to make an ultra-thin support, the first to make a complete support, is the first woman's favourite in Italy. Fater provides a wide range of products in the ladies' care sector through its brands: "Ladies' lines" for napkins, "Intervallo" for pantyliniers and "Tampax" for a tampon.

This is the most comprehensive assortment of women's napkins: 5 ranges of products that have been developed with the consumer's response, products that are tailored to the needs of each and every female during menstruation. Intermallo, Immallo Velo and Immallo Lady are the three panty liner ranges suitable for every need, from daily fresh to absorbing small leakages.

The Tampax tampon line is the premier tampon brands, discrete and convenient for men, so they don't have to sacrifice their own liberty during menstruation.

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