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You can order all types of baby items online before your arrival with our groundbreaking Baby Go Lightly service. Suitable for infants who have been prematurely or sickly conceived

It is our mission to ensure that every baby prematurely or sickly conceived in the UK has the best chances of surviving and the best possible standard of living. 270 infants are taken up daily in neonatology. Join us in supporting them and their family. Recently we published a brief videotape about our work and how we help baby boomers who have been prematurely or sickly conceived.

Alistair's boy Harrison was prematurely sired. Alistair is writing a note to Harrison in this week's blogs, in which he tells him all about her trip in New Year' s Eve.

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You can order all types of baby products online before your arrive with our groundbreaking Baby Go Easyly Store. The following are available: Passenger cars for airfield transfer, pots, exercise seating, high stools, luggage racks, pushchairs, flasks and nipples, sterilizers, baby warmer, baby gymnastics, baby walking equipment, baby bath tubs, diapers, diaper containers, toilet articles (including baby lotions, baby powders and moist wipes), swim equipment, coloured pencils, coloring pads and a variety of history and DVD stories in different tongues.

Click HERE for our lightweight Baby Go formula. Click HERE for our babysitterformular.

Children's vehicles can be rented from the shop mobility on level -2 near elevator hall 2. Note: As part of our commitments, our staff will check the size of the children on arrivals.

Childrens car rentals can be made at the store mobility level -2 near elevator hall 2, Note: As part of our commitments, our staff will check the size of the baby on arriving. Kids must be over 12 month old. The rooms also have a playground and TV for older kids.

Parents' rooms are on Level 0 above Level 4, Level 4 and Level 9, or Level 1 at John Lewis and Level 8 at the Balkonrestaurants. An exchange station for handicapped clients can be set up on level -2 next to the shop mobility area. Allow your little ones to have a good time and let off the steam in a playground especially set up for this purpose for kids under the age of five!

Make sure that the kids are always under supervision.

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