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We are proud to offer an exceptional, hassle-free buying environment, both in the shop and on-line. Our aim is to provide high product standards, advice and, above all, excellent service to our customers. There is a large assortment of strollers, beds and crèches, as well as a large choice of willow crèches, continent beds, luxurious banquets and car seat upholstery.

Are you looking for something different, something different or just something out of the ordinary? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the shop, by phone or e-mail via this website.

Introduction of trademark AMBASSADORS...Babycare Dagenham - The iCandy Journal

She has been managing the very popular Baby Care Dagenham Kindergarten shop for over 34 years. Thankfully, Sue took the opportunity to tell us not only her knowledge of the business, but also what it means to be one of our new iCandy brand ambassadors!

DO YOU TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THE BUSINESS, WHAT WAS THE IDEA TO OPEN THE SHOP? I was inspired by my own gestation and by the fact that I couldn't find what I wanted or anything beautiful when I had my boy (who is now 36 years old!), and I felt the need to do something about it, because other families must have felt the same, so we chose to open the shop.

From a small boutique in Maryland, London, then, as our turnover increased and growth began, we began to move to a bigger boutique in Upton Park, which expanded from just a toy outlet to a full kindergarten assortment. Surpassing our expectation, the company has been growing and growing over the last 34 years, enabling us to grow and move into different entities across different areas within the Dagenham metropolitan area.

We had a great opportunity to see how the shop became the great Dagenham site we now have. So we came to a point where we ran 3 businesses, then the downturn came in the 90s and how we chose to drive the businesses forward began to change.

The Dagenham shop was always my favorite and clients found it simple and approachable, so the closure of the Upton Park shop, which was very soccer oriented on weekend, was a good option for us. Actually the entity we are now in has been in business as a tree care center for over 60 years, but in 2002 we were able to buy all three entities together to have this bigger shop, which is great for us to present our full tree care offering and our tailor-made iCandy booth.

WITH ICANDY, HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DEALING AND HOW DID ICANDY HELP TO HELP YOU DURING THIS PERIOD? Martin was one of the first clients to visit me and he showed us the Apple 2 Pear and it all began! iCandy has always been a favourite of ours and we have worked together to develop everything that has emerged over the years.

The peach has always been a favorite, our branch director Ali has a peach for his first baby, my daughter-in-law likes her raspberry and my other daugther also has a peach, so that the peach label is important to us in our personal and professional lives. Currently there are eight members on Baby Care Dagenham, with our Floor Leader Ali, our oldest member who has been with us for over 10 years.

and we shut the place down to go to her burial. However, High-Street as we know it is evolving with more clients saying to me that they find that the retailing in the shop has evolved with the drop of after sales services or the closure of stores, as we saw recently at Toy's R Us.

Fortunately, even in these difficult days, we have remained vigorous, never giving up our high level of client support and always having only the best and highest value items in our workshop, so that our clients always make the additional efforts to come and see us. WHAT DO YOU DO TO BRING YOUR WEBSITE AND YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS UP TO DATE?

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter community has a large fan base, and we even have a member of the staff who takes care of these channel because we see that our clients like to talk to us about messengers and appreciate the quick, straightforward reply. We have a nice website, but I really want to take our clients back to the shop again and again.

For us it is very important to provide services. At Baby Care Dagenham we don't just offer you a "box", we realise that you have to buy your first pushchair and therefore have a good seat and we NEVER offer it for sale. Our stock includes a broad selection of products and we always want to help our customers to make the best choice for their individual needs and demands.

ICANDY MESSENGER, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU AS A RETAIL SALESMAN? We' ve always been good at selling iCandy, but since the custom booth was put into operation, it really enriched the product display and looks great! The new Peach is looking forward to being added to our comprehensive iCandy product family.

And if I believe in a marque to provide good value for money, and know that the after sales is there, then it's easy to make a sale, and I have the feeling that I have this relation with iCandy, all the more now as an ambassador. Our history goes back so long, our services are constantly improved and the relation only goes from force to force.

Our advertising is only through verbal propaganda and recommendations, so the endorsement of the iCandy label and the staff is so important to us. HAVE YOU THE FAX FEELING THAT YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE LOOKING FOR MORE AND MORE ITEMS BEFORE BUYING? Yes, we really did, and with so much product available on-line, we really did start to notice it.

Our customers' know-how about our software has improved, but we have also experienced many "price wars" with some of our software solutions. Our prices do not vary and we tell the clients who come to us that they are not just purchasing a "box", but all the expertise and our high standard of support that I don't think you get when you buy on-line.

BELIEVE THAT THE SEASON INFLUENCES YOUR CUSTOMERS' PURCHASING CHOICES? In my opinion, the shops are struggling against the Black Friday and Cyber Monday November on-line contest, which has had a blow to the effect during this time. AT THE MOMENT, IS THERE A PRODUKT THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR CLIENTS?

Selling prams that are specifically tailored to each customer's needs rather than just "selling" them, we find that all the iCandy items we have are celebrity made. There are certain clients who especially want the "latest" things and will be travelling around the land to see us for them.

Since we are in Essex, we realize that when it comes to getting exactly what they want for their new baby, there is no question of making it. WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTERISTICS WHEN YOU BUY A STROLLER FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Brandmarketing really does help selling a franchise and colors are very important - gray has been the buzzword over the years but has been on the scene for a long while and I look forward to seeing what the next big color is.

Excellent qualities, such as e.g. handlebars, are definitely something I pay attention to, because the "overall impression" of a pram is what many clients are looking for. As I see a large number of consumers buying with their hearts and not their heads, aesthetic appeal is really crucial when it comes to buying a stroller for the first and foremost.

In addition, the lighter colors are also good for seasonal reasons, so I would like to keep this in the back of my head when I buy for next year.

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