Baby Carrier Set

baby carrier set

The little ones will love to play and romp with this cuddly My Sweet Baby doll and carrying set. One Outdoor Baby Carrier - remain actively! Our exterior fabric is impermeable to moisture and stains, breathes easily and is easily cleaned, so you can use the baby carrier in any weathere. Tragesitz dehumidifies quickly after raining or underwear. This baby carrier has bags and straps for your cell phone, bottled hot tub and other useful objects.

Select whether you want to wear your baby face inwards, outwards or on your back.

The Baby Carrier One Outdoors has two heights. You wanted your baby so near you could give him a little bit of a hug. When your baby is pointing inside the baby carrier, you can swing the entire baby carrier slightly from front to back.

A baby carrier seat is designed to keep your baby safe and secure while you place it on its back. It has a stable, adaptable headrest that you use until your baby has enough powerful nape muscle to keep his skull up. The headrest can also be kept folded out when your baby is older (over 5 months) and rests or sleeps in the baby carrier.

International Heart Dysplasia Institute has approved the One Outdoor baby carrier and confirmed that it is "hip healthy". The Baby Carrier seats from BABYBJĂ–RN are simple to use and keep your baby in an erect posture that provides free airways, free motion for your baby's feet and hands, and good supports for your baby's necks and heads.

All so that you always felt comfortable and protected when carrying your baby in a Baby Carrier from Baby Carrier series! Learn more about carrying babies and find answer to your questions in our Baby Carrying Guide. For newborns up to 3 years (min. 3. 5 kg/53 cm, maximum 15 kg/100 cm). If you are carrying your baby face out, it should be at least 5 month old and not more than 12 kg in weight.

Before use, always make sure that the zipper of the baby or neonate is tight. The Baby Carrier One Outdoors consists of the following materials:

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