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Old fashioned black gown.... Old fashioned black gown.

... Children's occasion gown.... Children flower gown.... Sweet little tutu that turns your little one into a beautiful little girl or your own little girl..... Miniature green flower skirt.... Miniature Skirt Minoti flower skirt.... Sweet rose tutu transforms your little one into a beautiful little girl or your very own ballet dancer.....

Looking no further this year for a beautiful mini jacket than from Minoti, great for all occasion and available in Marine & Gray Mergel, with a Butter.... Stay cool this winters with this trendy check hoodie with used wash effect for both colors. MINOTOO NAVID check top.... Babaluno's very sweet gown has swollen shoulder, front wrinkles, a beautiful ribbon at the waist and sparkling liurex.

WOW gown of the year! Fantastic new styling, originally for kites and sweet without words, perfectly for the saison, it fits our bodies.... Baby hood top gown, available in blue Desiged with All Over Star Print long sleeve... Do you need a hat gown?!

If so, this really unique one-horn pressure gown is just the thing for you.

It'?s the fiftieth year of Baby Dior. Why did it happen that design clothing for little humans became such a big deal?

Since when do boutiques sell designers' apparel for kids? However, Jeanne Lanvin made children's apparel before switching to women's wear in the 1930''s, and this year Baby Dior marked half a centenary in which she dressed kids in the best quality dress. In 1967, Christian Dior's first Baby Dior outlet was opened by Marc Bohan, the follow-up of Christian Dior, but Dior himself was happy to create apparel for them.

Later he continued making clothes for his mother's boyfriends, but his magic with infancy never began to fade. At Christmas 1949 he gave his three divine daughters puppet variations of his New Look designs and made unique special designs for the kids of his customers and family. He took the stick - his daugther Marie-Anne was the first children's version of the building.

1961 they were taken together at an exhibition in London in suitable teed clothes "purple with dazzling mink", as the journal Mamans reports.

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