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Small items of baby clothing are also provided with care labels! Always read the care label for the washing instructions, as with all clothing. All new & used baby clothing for sale in Gloucester, Gloucestershire Region

Are you looking for a major loan?! Intelligently Lending ltd (Credit Broker). Electrical technician to executive cook, nursing technician to messenger, 1 hat 1 top 2 top 2 trousers 4 trousers, all in good state. Not a stain. Objects from Gap, Next, Primark, F&F. Baby 5rod - Mother 1 long sleeve in a top All in good working order. No Spots.

We used 3x 4z feed bottles, but they are in good shape plus 2x 9z feed bottles new. Pick up at Brockworth's, but gladly pose for an extra charge. Very good used state without traces or spots from a smokeless and animal-free home. Pick up at Brockworth's, but gladly pose for an extra charge.

Baby-girl clothing. Second-hand, but in pristine shape, great for cuddling your little one. £5 apiece! Perfekter Zustand, only for a photograph carried! Great for a photoshoot! Solid bunch - 3-6 baby girl clothing!!!!!!!!! Was never carried!!! Perfekter state ! Girl 3 to 6 month free clothing.

Girl 3 to 6 months free clothing. Are you looking for a major bank account? Intelligently Lending ltd (Credit Broker). Whether you are an electrical engineer or a professional cook, a nursing assistent or a messenger,

Donate baby clothing

Donation of baby clothing / articles? Hello ladies, I was just after a few brainstorming sessions, I already have a lot of gear to clear everything in great shape, so I really want to give it to a really needy people! I' d put everything on the rubber tree for free, but I already did it with objects and in the next few weeks I saw them there for selling again!

I have thought of women's shelters and maternity and baby places, but I can't find a place anywhere that accepts it, they just say that you want to help us sending cash.... Give it to the female fugitive or the nearby city has a children's home that takes along clothing that I gave away.

So you could even go to the fundraiser, at least some of the earned income goes to a cause or if you take children's funds, yes, you don't get much 50p per kilogram, I guess? but they ship the stuff to Africa..... You take along garments for those in need.

Just recently I gave my baby clothing to the community children's center, which then passes it on to the needy. As DD has grown out of her baby kit, we have brought everything to the neonatal station that took such good care of her. This will do the needy kids good. Hello, I've also been looking for a place where I can give baby/small outfit.

I am very interested in making sure that they actually get into the clutches of those I want to help, and as you say, many philanthropists don't take items with them, they often just want money. My kids were all little infants and since the clinic was not so ready, they clothed my kids in their own, they are given until I came out to buy my own.

And I did this with my baby clothing because I know how much a mother likes it at this point and doesn't want to abandon the baby.

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