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SHOP-SHOES - SHOP-BABY - SHOP-GIRL - DISCOVER THE LOOKBOOK - VISIT OUR SHOPS. At M& Co we offer a complete range of newborn, girl and baby clothing, accessories and more. At M& Co we offer a complete range of newborn, girl and baby clothing, accessories and more.

Buy the latest girls designer dresses online here at David Charles from our exclusive range of designer children's clothing.

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Charles David - The British icon icon brand for luxurious girls designer dresses

Have a look at our nice new seasonal models from the David Charles Autumn/Winter 2018 children's clothing collection! Here in the David Charles promotions you will find great children's parties clothes, official clothes and event clothes at bargain rates. The David Charles Accessoires are the ideal complement to our kids clothes, so take a look at our kids now!

Provide your loved one's dressing room with a regal touch with our decorated light rose wedding gown. Her little Princess will look bright all night while she's ahead of spring fashion with this lovely rose coloured wedding outfit. Coming in a smooth light purple colour with a rose and golden view collars, this unusual set will complement your putto's new seasonal outfit.

With our sleeve-less wedding outfit, you'll be captivated by an elegantly curved ribbon on the back with a structured look. Full-length, fully plissed waistband and hidden zipper. Infuse the spirit of your angels with the David Charles wedding costume in ivories, golden and rose. Carefully finished, this unique design apparel offers the ultimate in luxuriousness for every unique event.

This tailor-made wardrobe has a flawless range of colours in ivories, golden and rose with a flowery stitched design. Select this perfect gown if your little one wants to perfectly shine his particular event. Asymmetric frills complete the corset, while the sumptuous net lace represents a full surface outfit.

Inside this apparel is a fitting flower ribbon and a hidden zipper. Change to S/S17 with our appliqué garment made of black and white ivories. No matter if she needs a new seasonal frock for birthdays or a luxury wedding frock to bring her nightwear up to date, this shiny item will not let her down.

Take the limelight of your season with this sparkling silver and silver jewel. This David Charles dinner suit will not be a disappointment when sophisticated events require unique designs. Featuring sleek ivory trim and luxury embroidered golden bars on the waist, this design is sure to brighten your fashionista's dancing area.

State-of-the-art figure-hugging figure with clear contours, conical waistline and wrinkled coat. Golden zipper in the back. Tag the event with this Dark-Aged Ballrobe by David Charles. Tailored for balls and celebrations, your girls will be sure to reach the A-list when they drop out in this fresh and stylish outfit.

Wrinkled cascade Skirt with seasonally colored eggs and a matching skyline gives a hint of cocktailiness. Textured net provides fashionable qualities, while golden warp and perl highlights keep your daughter's look trendy. Add a design note to your girl's daywear with this marine riffled sleeve outfit.

Manufactured with a lot of care, this tailor-made leisure wear is anything but usual. Creative neck and continuous golden back zipper. Exclusively for David Charles, this characteristic play will make a sophisticated statement on every particular event. Take on a posture in this David Charles ballet costume in purple flowers.

Influenced by the rarity of the red blossom, this garment is a promise of botanic excellence wherever it goes. Designed by us, our dance ballgown features a soft blue-green colour with an embedded flowers pattern reminiscent of the essences of adolescence. Made of the best quality silk and available in a contemporary balllerina look, this gorgeous apparel features an extended net lace with a flowery back and a stylish v-neck on the back.

Pearls of blues complement the gown for a gorgeous look that your little one will love. Add an icing on the cake to your angel's festive look with this flowery ball gown in ivories and gold. When you need some spring clothes to inspire, David Charles has the ideal tidbit for your little ball king.

Now available in exquisite ivory embroidered with luxury golden flowers, your little lady can create her own trend, for S/S17. Select this stylish apparel if your daugther needs a drama theme for partying and ball nights. Jacketless outfit with fully folded rock and net lace. Get your inspiration for S/S17 with our light grey and rose Sunday outfit.

A must-have accessory for the cherubs of your home, this collection is perfect for Sunday, birthday and teak party wear. Now with a sleek striated look with tones of light blues and roses, your little stylish likeness can really look the part for these extra ordinary calendars. Colorful flowery prints give this gown a trendy look, while an adorned waistline brings a hint of luxuriousness to the blend.

Elegant female cut and flared figure with soft wrinkled smock and sleek matt sateen. For the new saison we have come with this lovely jumpsuit. Your little girlfriend will surely radiate joyful jets like this first vernal breezes when she comes out in this David Charles outfit. Our brand-new wedding attire welcomes the vernal lifestyle, our structured marine society attire is here.

The latest issue of David Charles is ideal for upscale events and will make your angels look stylish from night to night. Featuring an sleek A-line skyline cut, stylized cleavage and wrinkled skirt, this special gown is just the right amount of refinement when your darling wants to give you a stylish garment.

Charles is proud to present the lacy gray anniversary gown. Fresh and uniquely for autumn/winter, this is a design gown like no other. No matter if your Princess needs an elegant selection of outfits to mark her birth or a seasonally designed gown for her guests, this definite item will give you a look every year.

Coming in a light gray colour with a light gray pattern and a top layer of pattern, this particular gown easily ties in with the season's top high-tech trends. Characteristically, it offers a contemporary cut and a striking outline with a beautiful wrinkled coat and A-line outline. Transparent three-quarter sleeve gives the gown a sleek feel and the gown comes with a full-length silvery zipper for closure.

Let yourself be enchanted by the flamboyant Paris ian with our Rosenkleid decorated in light-roses. Stylish sophistication from all angles, this is a legendary dress that is always a darling. Your angels will ask themselves how they have ever experienced without this design jewel in a Frosted-outfit with a multiple stitched colour. This dress features a matching corsage and a smooth, tulle-layered coat for a sleek figure, with an extended seam.

In our rose coloured dinner tunic we have a round neck with back and mesh panels to complement this sumptuous look. Change the daily look of your loved ones with our marine blues and blacks daily clothes. This trendy girl's outfit is a basic David Charles Children's Women's fashion and will increase the luminosity when your little one wants to get out in total deluxe.

Perfect for movie nights and celebratory events, make sure your angels are clothed to look impressive in this stylish daily attire. Coming in a sleek regal hue of bluish red with sleek sleeves, waistband and zipper inserts, this sleeveless skirt gives a discreet pitch to the S/S17 color bloc trends. Happy is a woman tonight with our bright yellow flowered nightdresses.

David Charles' luxurious design editions are wonderfully courageous in every respect. This is the ideal item to choose for party and ball, your kid will surely go for this makeover gown. Coming in a happy evergreen hue, you' ll enjoy watching your little lady step out in her fresh new outfit.

Opposite golden flower embroideries offer a handcrafted look, and a two-ply wrinkled smock is definitely fashion. Get ready to be charmed for S/S17 with this luxurious dark purple fantasy gown by David Charles. It is an exquisite new seasonal design and will certainly be an immediate complement to your cherub's wish lists.

No matter if your Engel attends a party, prom or ball-room event, our Traumkleid will make sure that he gives his best for every particular event. With a flawless range of ivories with sweet rose, fuchsia and limette highlights, flower stitching ensures your girl's night look shines with immediate stellarism.

Featuring a sleek sateen girdle and a sleek, plush sleeved dress, this dress provides luxurious comfort from every corner. Transparent back in red color with rose pattern at the back. With our golden and ivory hair clips you can create a royal touch for your holidays in style. If your maid has a celebration, dance or graduation ball on the tickets, this beautiful item will see that she looks like she can be bright.

Coming in a range of classic colours from egg white to golden, this is the piece of jewellery your little one needs in her own range. Wellcome to the arrivals of our floral rose blossom and lush floral girls outfit. Beautiful new seasonal outfit, perfect for weddings and celebrations, this couture-inspired clip will give your cherub's new seasonal look an immediate upgrade whenever he wants to get out and wear designux.

With a blossom petalled rose color range with contrast shades of popular colors and flower stitching throughout the whole season, this refined night model is sure to become an S/S17 wish item. Multilayered net lace coat with volume plissé pattern. It' re celebration season for your little girl with this rose and golden David Charles outfit.

This sweetly dyed gown is exclusively for spring/summer and is perfectly suited for events on your calender. Visiting with festivities and partys, now your angels can own a definite gown to show when they want to make an appearance. Coupled with a rose color range of sweets and a decorated golden rock pattern, this set makes your little girl look walkable in the twinkling of an eye.

Elegant cardigan and full-length golden zipper. Buy the latest design clothes for young women online here at David Charles from our select selection of kids clothes for designers. The legendary David Charles UK kids dress and gown line for luxurious kids and parties, with the gift of giving little ladies a great look.

Have a look through our beautiful selection of fashionable shaped, semi-formal everyday clothes and we are sure that you will find every child's design gown fantasy from our gifted designers. David Charles' selection of Girls' evening gowns has added glitter and sparkle to make your little girl the beauty of the dance.

Be it a birthdays celebration, Christmas, marriage or any other memorable occasion, the girl's clothes are true eye-catchers that will delight the occasion. Featuring everything from weddings to baptisms and more, David Charles has all the official gowns for ladies you could ever wish for to make sure your little one plays the role at every occasion.

Girls' elegant clothes look elegant and classy and are ideal for all types of ceremonial outfits. Your little woman will certainly keep an eye on them with our children's clothes for festive occasions. We have a wide selection of children's clothing for occasions such as marriages, bats, mitzvahs etc.

You have all the extra sparkle you can ever imagine! Small teenage ladies enjoy feeling like a little girl, and with our beautiful selection of youngsters' ball gowns with plenty of bulk and pizzazz, your angels will certainly look like they're in their fantasy outfit. Kids ball gowns are available in a variety of colors and designs to match the event.

Imagine fairytale and royal gowns with jewellery, sparkle and tender net lace. Half formals children's clothes are great for everyday clothes and worn out activities, and our high quality children's clothes with a more laid back look are great. Half-shape children's clothes in the assortment make your little girl look intelligent and demanding without being exaggeratedly attracted.

There is a large selection of trendy and stylish clothes for women.

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