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Place your order online or visit us in our shop. Claire The Forge Baby Boutique, Glasgow, United Kingdom. The Play Up's online store offers an original collection of clothes for little girls: T-shirts, tops, tunics, sweaters, leggings, underwear, skirts, shorts, capri pants, trousers, dungarees, dungarees, dresses and jackets. The baby is wearing printed pyjamas. Explore our online store to discover our luxury clothing line for the whole family.

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Nutmeg baby clothing series offers everything you need to keep the youngest members of the line cozy, convenient and classy. We present you our new collection of kids attire. No matter what the little ones' styles, you'll find casual, trendy clothing that they like to be worn - all with the elaborate detail we know you like.

Explore trendy items you can carry from morning to evening, from your desktop to your supper and from weekend to weekend. Go to our shop finder and see if your closest shop has nutmeg in the 'In-Store Services' section.

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Incorporating built-in bug-locking protectors, the award-winning Sleeping Bags are the only baby sleeping bags with integrated security features that give you extra security when going out and walking. It transforms clothes and equipment into a durable, efficient and practical repellent. Visible Shield's agent is so firmly attached to the tissue fibers that it remains potent throughout the lifetime of the garment.

The 0.5 Extra Coast Coarse Bags are ideal for your little ones, either to stay cold in the hot summers or to fly to a bright spot on your vacation. The Grobag, our baby's groundbreaking baby carrier, is engineered to keep your baby asleep, giving Mom and Papa more peace and quiet.

Why carry my baby in crib? Aren't you sure what you want your baby to carry? You can use our guidelines to make sure you have the right kind of clothes to help your baby get the night's rest.

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