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Clothing and accessories for babies

Small Project is a baby bank in the south of London that collects children's clothing and other donations and passes them on to needy families. Collect donations of baby equipment, clothing, toys and other baby items and check that they meet current British safety standards. It'?s the little project. Baby Clothing Libraries in Southern London

Britain is one of the wealthiest nations in the globe, but there are 3.6 million babies living in serious and prolonged conditions of extreme and lasting wealth. Even more serious is the predicament in London, where 4 out of 10 kids are living in extreme poverty. 4 out of 10 kids are living in poor conditions. Small Project is one of a rising number of "baby banks" in the UK that are collecting and distributing baby and children's products to households that need them.

When you are not in southern London, you should find out about other baby benches here by using this great card from Stripey Stork.

Striped Stork - Striped Stork

The Stripey Stork project helps needy kids and adults. Our partnerships include aid organisations such as children's centers, healthcare professionals and welfare institutions. Each donation goes directly to the family that is supporting it, and each element goes to someone who specifically needs it. Collection of baby gear, clothing, toy and other baby items to verify that they comply with the latest UK security requirements.

The Stripey Storch is proud to pass on objects in good state. Our aim is that those whose family receives Stripey Stork objects will have the feeling of being given a present, not charity.

Medicinal accessories, clothing and playthings

Many of our clients are in need of a living, working and living environment. Our clients are able to benefit from a broad spectrum of services ranging from subsidies to the procurement and delivery of basic necessities to needy families. Looking for clothes and playthings for the deserted childrens in the Marie Curie Hospital in Romania! Aura Ion Foundation is a non-profit organization (soon to have full charitable status!) that provides important help to vulnerable groups in the UK and Romania.

There are many of our major programmes, namely healthcare, education and poverty. You can find more information on our website. It is part of the Hope for Health projects we have carried out through our Aura Ion Foundation! Infant sterilisers and baby warmer. Weighing baby dumbbells.

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