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Explore our most popular baby fashion brands of the moment. The Message in a bottle is a Spanish luxury brand offering beautiful pieces with a unique concept. There are 10 sustainable children's clothing brands you should know about.

So if you are looking for long-lasting baby clothes that have proven their worth over the years, here are five of our favorites. You' ll find it much more comfortable to go to sleep if you know that you are doing your part by buying clothes from such a trustworthy and ethically minded name. Nowbie is a Swede apparel label with shops in Richmond and Kingston, which makes nice clothes for kids aged 0-8 years.

It' s contemporary, fashionable and, above all, accessible for a lasting line of apparel. The SMALLS is a British children's apparel company that believes strongly in the strength of the merino yarn. Best thing about this series is that you can launder the clothes in the washing machines as much as you want, they will not wrinkle.

The Toby Tiger is another UK label known for being ethic and organically. Toby Tiger Series is full of marvelous, light -coloured print that is ideal for all season and at the same time smooth on sensitive skins. Lucy and Kurt founded Frugi (meaning "fruits of the earth" in Latin) and soon began to branch out to make all kinds of clothes for infants, young children and even mothers!

The Laquard du Latte apparel line is handcrafted, friendly to delicate skins and packed with beautiful, funny styles like this "Supercat" baby body. Because of the sustainability of their assortment, the clothes are soft and especially good for infants with an allergy or dermatitis. It is a UK baby and children's apparel label that produces bio-wear from the neonate up to 10 years of age.

Clothing is also not too costly for a sustained assortment, which is a plus! Diapers are made from one of the most enduring crops, namely cottonwood, and the cotton is slender and smooth and smooth. The use of diapers also reduces your CO2 Footprint by up to 40%. Tots Bots is a great company, we really enjoy it because we know they are enthusiastic about what they do and have a factory in the UK!

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