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Free delivery of baby clothing

Complimentary returns for all UK orders. 1lb-7lb Baby Clothing Specialist baby clothes More than 10 years of work by our founder in the NICU in Great Britain and Australia and the fact that the parent was desperate about the shortage of clothing for their preterm infant....

Our company has procured and manufactured preterm clothing that meets the needs of NICU's parent and ward staff; classy and desired, but also convenient.

We also work with UK, Canadian and West European brand names that sell beautiful, small and early baby wear as part of their product-line. For preterm babies our product line comprises paper clips such as jackets, uppers, trousers as well as T-shirts and special premix baby clothes and gowns which are hardly found anywhere else in the UK.

There are also babyhoods, special gloves and other beautiful accessoires. Also we have clothes for baby's that are between 4lb-7,5lb, and we call this our baby line.

About Babies With LoveĀ® UK - Organic Ethical Baby Clothing - Free Delivery

EthosBuying wonderful presents for a lovely baby is one of the joys of living, but too many infants in the whole wide variety have no one to give them anything. And so From Babies With Love chose to do things differently. Each cent of the profits from their one-of-a-kind, ethical design goes to deserted and deserted kids around the globe and helps create a safer and happier place for endangered kids to live and work in.

StoryThrough, its charitable organization From Babies With Love Foundation, which helps abandoned babies who have suffered loss due to hunger, illness, war as well as misery and destitution, has supported 2,780 babies in 39 nationalities. They work with charitable organisations that help those with whom they cannot turn by offering families, educational, health care and assistance in overcoming traumas.

Beloved, looked after and trained, these young sters can live an autonomous life and break the vicious circle of destitution. BenefitsAll From Babies with Love clothing is built for convenience and convenience, comes in a wide range of beautiful styles and is luxury softened. Manufactured from certificated bio-fiber cotton yarns, either Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or OCS (Organic Content Standard) certificated, the clothing is manufactured in Turkey and China by plants that have Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA).

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