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Made from soft, luxurious baby alpaca wool that is hypoallergenic and ecological. Who we are Join the world's most classy independant children's apparel retailers. Launched in 2007 and now with over 200 design labels, the website is well-known all over the globe. A young, enthusiastic staff that brings inspirations to purchasing, innovations to markets and a powerful boost to creative power. Offer our clients the best choice of children's apparel on the planet!

New Oeuf NYC line - The latest Oeuf NYC range

Interviewee with SOPHIE DEMENGE, Could you please tell us more about the beginnings of your trademark? Oeuf NYC then expanded very rapidly and today we provide a wide range of collection with furnishings and clothing, baby and children's fashions, baby outfits, home accessoires and games. In 2002, when we had our first baby, we chose to blend our aesthetic and combine our talent to devote ourselves to the manufacture of clothing and furnishings for infants and youngsters by founding Oeuf NYC.

For our trademark Øeuf has different connotations. First, in the prime sense of the term "oeuf", which means "egg" in French. The Ei and NYC designs share a shared esthetic and practical quality - sweeping contours and a slim look, as well as pure and intuitively simple naturalness. When used as eggshells, the NYC collection from Öuf NYC is a little soothing thanks to our knit articles such as hoodies and caps.

In addition, the term oeuf or eggs has various connotations in connection with maternity. As a " Mom chicken ", every customer from Oeuf NYC wants to provide the best for his kids, but he also wants high-quality and durable articles that can be handed down over time. Lastly, as far as the name of our trademark is concerned, "Oeuf", which is associated with "NYC", shows the French-American influence of our trademark with its creators and inspirations coming from both nations.

Sometimes it is hard to put aside our vocational activities when we are both at home, but our kids know how to get us back to work. What does a normal working afternoon at Oeuf NYC look like? More and more of our collection is growing and we have more and more items. What can you do to reconcile your working and your private lives?

Live, maternity, my eye liner. "More importantly, the organization is the buzzword. Over the years, I have been able to find a balance between my home and my working lives by clearly identifying and optimizing them. Both my kids are my most important sources of inspirations. It helps me to see things through the child's eye and breathes the joys of infancy into our collection, the passion for colours and texts and the qualities needed to stand up to the blows of time.

I am also inspired by the basic principles of our brands, more specifically our philosophy "Be good". These slogans mean good behavior, but above all, being players in our futures by working with ethically-minded organizations, respectful of our employees, and providing the best for our kids. What if you had a one-piece consultation for someone who wants to design their own trademark?

Which are your favorite weekends to do for the whole group? We' re good New Yorkers. We go to our families' brunches. It is the ideal place to enjoy each other' s company and unwind before going for a walk, to an exposition or to the theater, according to our desires and the culture program. - zoo, where kids can go and breed Africa dwarf shelducks.

  • This is one of my favorite collections for nosy kids who are intrigued by the world of science, whether biological, physical, astronomical or mineralogical. "Alexandre Jardin's Les coloriés", a novel that relativizes the difference between adult and child, with a naive and lyrical sound that blends different linguistic heights.

This is a fascination for both grown-ups and kids.

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