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Babies Clothing Retailer

A funky clothing & accessories for babies & toddlers. The BABY BUBBLE Physical Shop / Online Shop http://www.babybubble. In this case, ways will be sought to "clean" or "reuse" baby clothing.

YoJo Maman Bebe

Buying both children's and motherhood clothes, our shop is situated in the Whiteley Mall. Featuring all the conveniences you would expect in a place with many great dining options and up to 4 free hour car park, Whiteley is the ideal place to shop. The shop offers our classy fashion for your baby's circumstance and our nice baby and children's collections with everything your little ones need right up to preschool.

We' re also pleased to show new mothers how they can take care of their baby clothes and baby care items to get ready for an exhilarating new start.

Children's fashion becomes genderless with John Lewis

A new label says "Girls & Boys" or "Boys & Girls" and is worn on all private label clothing from the newborn to the 14th year of life. Who' s Paula Nickolds, John Lewis' first female manager? The Let Clothes Be Clothes group of campaigners commended the UK high-street giant and said: "It' s great stuff and we are hoping that other stores and merchants will now move in the same vein.

Shirts should only be T-shirts - not T-shirts for women or for men." There are still many stores, for example with stereotyped taglines on their clothes," she added. "John Lewis is a respected and adorable retail trader, and I have no doubts that it is well meant to get away from sex labels," he said to The Evening Standard.

"No problem with a store that introduces plain clothes and labels." Joining Selfridges, Zara and ASOS, John Lewis is further evidence that sexless retailing is not about taking advantage of a trends, but about reflection on a culture change towards dismantling the stereotype.

JoJo Maman Bebe JoJo Laura Tenison avoids the universities to found a company.

She is the founding father of JoJo Maman Bebe, the baby clothes dealer she founded in 1993. For 2014, the retail dealer expects a turnover of £44 million. She decided not to go for a diploma which she claimed was beneficial to her in many ways. She had a career under her management, some commercial experiences and had traveled through the Middle East to India, where she worked in Australia to finance her home journey.

So why did you choose retailing to begin your careers? Acquascutum gave her a position, and one of her principals (who was in charge of Lady Thatcher's clothes during her prime ministerial time) was proactive and Laura became her protege. After 18 month she realized that the right moment had come to found her own company.

Laura's first sweetheart was men's fashions, but because of a very serious automobile accident she ended up in a bed in an infirmary for a few short months next to a long-time ill mom who had two infants. Laura, like all retailers, always looks at every aspects of the garment - from stitches to designs - both inside and out.

Once in JoJo's early years she designed a still-top theme, but only showed the detail of how the opening on one side worked. Bebe Maman tries to be non-hierarchical and enables his staff to work on their own needs as much as possible. Clearly this is not always possible in a company and where the opening times mean the weekends are the rule.

Laura thinks she's juggling with home affairs, but it works both ways, she says. To have an investors has been great for discipline, says Laura. JoJo Maman Bebe reconciles the need for good quality papers and packages on its product with the need to minimize wastage. She needs her shops and assortments to look "beautiful", but she thinks the company can be creative with the amount of packages it uses.

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