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Constructed from a breatheable, hydrophobic, polyurethane-coated PUL (polyester) shell, stitched onto a buttery-soft micro fleece inner lining so that only the smoothest of the smoothest fabrics touch your baby's touch. - Firm, hard-wearing rubber band at your waist as well as at your leg for a smooth and safe seat. - Dual row of easily adjustable press studs for a correct seat at the leg and at the waist.

  • A nice selection of truly stunning colors that address a broad palette of aesthetics. - A practical pocket, large enough for daddy's hand, which offers the possibility to place the absorptive interior between the non-woven fabric and the impermeable exterior shell if required. Sizes 1 will fit from 7 - 20 lbs, and sizes 2 will fit from 18 - 40 lbs.
  • This is the ultimative winding technology to use! - AppleCheeks? Cover is characterized by a singular envelopesign, similar like a bag nappy, but with NO DUST REMOVAL.

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The Littlerock Store is also a great place for those who love bio clothing. We also offer baby metallic baby clothes, hoodie and t-shirts for a large number of (black) heavymetal acts like Iron Maiden, Slayer and Motörhead? Since 2012 the Littlerockstore has been the ultimative place for punk rock baby clothing and toddler & children's clothing.

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Wood Toys Specials

Large plush animal for horses, perfect for your Haba Doll. Ooh this great kit contains a little baby with a strap for mama to w..... It' re a show day, rolling up rolling up! It is a really nice wood toys for piling and dragging in one. A delicious wood plaything, this newly made bun is warm and cold....

Strawberry French bread is straight from the buulangerie and has a crispy shell with a..... Largely brunette in colour, this wood bulb toys gives every food a taste of...... Featuring authentic bulbous details, this wood toys is full of browns and potatoes.... These crispy wood gherkin toys are long and verdant and delicious in lettuce.....

The crispy wood toys jalopy is crispy green and succulent. Give your Haba Rollerby run a new twist with this wooddo..... The crispy cheese is a delicious wood plaything, which can be enjoyed from.... Haba music is a great Easter present and a plaything for small children.....

Made of wood, this baby toys makes shaking and bending a lot of fun for the little ones. Toys made of wood, this succulent tropical fruit is round, spicy and delicious in a salad. Making children ate their vegetables is simple with these delicious stuffed vegetables..... Sapphire prune toys have a lush wood prune handle and are a delicious, fruitful snake.....

The Haba marmot run this marmot run from Haba i..... The Haba Lilli 30cm Puppets Meet the Haba Lilli puppets. The Haba Holz Babyspielzeug - Racing Cars A clunky racing cars with.....

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