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Buy the largest selection of children's designer brands for babies, boys and girls. Comfortable, cute, fashionable and absolutely functional baby clothes! Rummage in our shop for Baby Girl and Baby Boy clothes. Buy online or in a nearby store.

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The Coqueta, a major label and shop of designers and designers for infants and youngsters from 0 month to 10 years old, was established in 2013 with the goal of promoting and supporting Spain's designs and crafts. Each item in the range is "Proudly made in Spain", from the fabric selection to the designs and finishing of each item, from girls' clothes to boy's clothes.

The origins of each piece of clothing go back to a small Spaniard company and the abilities and techniques used are age-old. The clothing and footwear of our Spaniards are wonderfully crafted, functionally and hard-wearing. Celia Munoz, founder and creative director, is a five-year-old woman who knows how important it is to find easy-care clothing that works, can be given to the next baby and still looks good.

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Nice clothing for infants, young children and adolescents. You can find new fashionable favorites in our broad assortment of children's clothing. Our assortment of parts for newborns from 0-9 month covers your baby's cloakroom. When your baby is growing, you have our clothing for 0-24 month and 0-24 month infants with overalls, smooth shirts and funny T-shirts with pet motifs.

1½-10 year old young ladies will adore our flower and button print, colorful stripe and Disney motif. Rummage around in our children's clothing with play suits, dance shoes, lively barrettes and Alice ribbons. Elderly 8-14 year old women can select from a variety of styles ranging from floating jumpers, sleek denim and floating waistcoats. Boy's from 1½-10 can discover our selection of printed graphic art, printed dinosaurs and maritime design.

Explore rejuvenated denim, freight short and fun t-shirts in this vibrant line. Young 8-14 year olds can choose to wear city looks and those influenced by surf wear with vibrant tagline t-shirts, jogging pants and snap-back toecaps. Every seasons we gather some of our favorite children's fashions for infants, young children and young people.

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