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Jerber has introduced his first baby speaker with Down's disease, a hereditary disease that affects approximately 6,000 US-born infants every year. When Lucas was conceived, he was found to have Down's disease, but his folks say it never affected their relationship with him. Lucas is not only presented on Gerber's online community, but also receives $50,000 that his parent will use for his schooling.

"Lucas fits perfectly this year." The Down systemic disease is a genetically determined condition that leads to delayed development and mental retardation. Warren said she hoped Lucas' gain could increase people' consciousness of Down's disease and the people who live with it.

Baby Products Association: Support for a more secure tomorrow

While only members of the Baby Products Associations can attend British pavilions (as this is a professional federation subsidized member service), TAP subsidies are available to both members and non-members at DIT authorized venues. NB: When filling out the TAP request forms, The Baby Products Associations is the Business Challenge Partner and the industry is 'Business & Consumer'.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) supports enterprises in exporting and growing into international tradeplaces. They also help foreign firms to settle and thrive in the UK.

Get that phoney out of there.

Cosatto, the Bolton-based baby goods company, has set itself the task of "saving the entire planet from dull baby stuff". Let's take the latest addition, the Firebird Joyful Stroller: This folding parasol pram features two modes: a face and a road viewing modus. Dragging through the hoods and backrests transforms it from a parental pram for newborn babies into a forward looking pram for babies up to 15 kg, changing the design of the hoods as well.

"What's beautiful about this style is its simplicity," says Stephen Shaw, Cosatto's associate designer direct. Cosatto's designing begins with parental attention. In Cosatto Cuppa's periodic feed-back meetings, our employees' families share their thoughts and views on the company's latest development. "During these meetings we found the need to create a foldable pram that could go from the parental side to the outside.

In a way, we're helping to shape our products," Shaw says. As soon as everyone is satisfied with the result, the data is sent to the producer. Multiple prototype products are manufactured to help the engineering staff further fine-tune the final result before tools and manufacturing begin. But with the Flippa Dining Booster fit handheld and small, children can be quickly and simply placed at the desk.

After QT Innovation found a niche in the baby food booster affordability business, the company turned to Worcestershire-based JMDAesign, a specialist baby food designer. "JMDA's first major task was to find a fold solutions that was inventive and did not violate any patents," says Derrick Barker, JMDA CEO. After the CAD full scale pattern, prototype parts were produced for preliminary inspection and then for subsequent construction prior to tool acceptance.

"Of course we were very happy that in the overcrowded food amplifiers segment there is still the possibility to innovate and sell with the right design," says Barker. For the little adventurer of a lifetime, LittleLife, a trademark of the Lifemarque company (which own the Lifeventure and Lifesystems brands), an out-door kit company, has introduced its new Adventurer Child Carrier for kids from six month to three years of age.

"For such products, it's first a bunch of diagrammatic drawings: they think through the demands for ease of use, consumers' needs, and the necessary functionality before they create sophisticated drawings," says Nick Chubb, LittleLife Design Engineer. Because it is made mainly of cloth, Illustrator is the primary modeling utility, but SolidWorks is used to create small component models.

Chubb uses the company's new Makerbot Replicator Fifth Generation 3-D printers for prototype work. Outside firms, however, are used for very high-resolution printing before moving on to tools and manufacturing.

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