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I' ve probably used these natural hair products since childhood. Top 10 beauty brands of France Beautifulness is something that we all aspire to conserve, or in some cases win, but is there really a mark that works the miracles that we all yearn for? They are not all made up, they are not all sprinkled with make-up, they are not all perfect complexions. You don't need to know if your fingernails don't go with your lip stick or if your boots don't have the same colour as your pocket, because you don't need to!

In my view, a naturally beautiful product is far more eye-catching than a Barbie look-a-like, we all know that, but then why do UK females have a tendency to stack the product every single passing passing passing by? Whilst I live in London, I have observed that UK girls try to get beautiful, but in a very different way than in France.

There is a lot of interest in maintaining the care of your flesh and your whole organism among female patients in France, while the English are far too interested in the results and not in your wellbeing. Ladies in America and England, I think, are expecting overnight functioning and if they don't get the results they want immediately, they're going to choose aggressive, chemically soiled foods that can deliver the wet factors in the quick run, but will cause massive harm to their skins and bodies in the long run.

In this article you will find some thought-provoking ideas about brands of cosmetics that are good for your complexion. It is not a promotional item at all, it is my own judgement and for me the best nature product I always tell my buddies about and I would also suggest you try it because they are working on me!

Those creations don't make you a star overnight, but they certainly do a good job of maintaining and improving the inherent beauties of a lady who, in the opinion of many individuals, is far more appealing than a lady who is bronze-plated, inlaid, transplanted, grouted and acrylic-impregnated. It' very hard for me to choose from all the nice things I am used to in France (Tip: If you are going to France, you are planning to stay some period in a parapharmacy... the template of nature cosmetics).

However, I've been able to get a listing of my 10 most popular brands in France that you can find readily in the UK and USA... try it... it works (but not overnight): Melvita's effectiveness is only made from bio products...which makes me think that I'm thinking well with the application for my own organism.

It is a groundbreaking cosmetic label that firmly believe in biological cosmetic product. Melvita's range of natural food is made with love for the natural world and without the use of artificial substances. While Melvita has been developed to work on the epidermis, these biologically derived cosmetic treatments still provide tangible results.

In order to demonstrate this, a stress test was conducted with results showing that their anti-aging product really works. Ninety-six percent of females said their wrinkles were smooth, 86 percent said they felt a tightening effect and 91 percent said their skins were softened. From all of them I use the "Melvita Nectar Bright Brightening Facial Mask " which works wonders on my complexion, I use it regularly every 5 nights... I can't go on living without it!

The Bitothermis is certainly one of the most popular brands in France and you can buy it almost anywhere. It is a very soft label and provides a wide selection of innovative treatment for your complexion. A luxurious blend of luxurious L'Oreal-owned products, this luxurious blend of organic France skincare products is made from spa plankton, a natural component of spa minerals known to keep your complexion fresh and well-groomed.

Thermic planekton has been used in dermatological applications since 1952 and has proven to be a true all-rounder. Manufactured in world-class research labs in Monaco, Biotherm is a result oriented and truly efficient cosmetic nature remedy. Otherwise I also like the " Biotherm Lait Corporel Anti-Dry Bodymilk ", it is not the least expensive, but it really changes your skins and afterwards feel wonderful!

Vichy is really good value for your money, Vichy has a great range of face and neck care items and I always innovate and bring new items to the market that really, really change and moisturize your complexion. He also uses hot springs and other naturally occurring substances in his care line.

Hautpflegemarke recognizes that the daily routine of the human body is exposed to many different factors, which is why all our cosmetic brands are designed with an eye to good looks and goodness. Vichy, after years of expertise in the field of care for the epidermis, has now found new and effective ways to care for the epidermis without further damaging it.

The Vichy range is best known for its ability to protect the complexion by storing essential fluids and nutrition. It has the strength to reshape the complexion no matter what your complexion size or desired result. Admittedly, I adore their personal hygiene line, but I would say this is one of the best brands for men's hygiene.

On my site I adore the palette of cosmetics and especially their shampoos: they do what they say! The Nuxe is a very, very naturally brand: it looks naturally, feel naturally, but you should not miss the results! It' a very feminine mark and surprise! It' s a great value for high-end high-end skins make, a must without a doubt!

Yes, Nuxe is best known for his "Huile Prozigieuse Drying Oil" which works on your face, your coat and your whole physique. Just put your faith in me and you will see why I have been an addict for 10 years! Yes, Yves-Roger is probably the most loved high-end fashion label in France and somehow I could liken it to the Beauty Shop, but with great effort for naturally grown, biological and high-end wares.

Yves-Rocher actually has an area of over 100 hectares of biological agriculture located in La Gacilly, France. Scientists have meticulously chosen the best biological constituents to create a line of cosmetic treatments that respect the natural surroundings and their well-being. Yves-Rocher's Bio series is the holder of a Cosemebio logo and is Eccocert approved.

I' ve tried every one of the best-selling products from the primer to the luxurious anti-wrinkle cream and I' ve really enjoyed the results. One of the most used, if not the most, mild and relaxing treatments of all time. It is also a trademark that focuses on hot springs and their relaxing qualities.

Every product from Ávene is designed to cure and calm the delicate area. Dermocosmetic is a dermo-cosmetic label dedicated to the battle against irritable skins, allergy and intolerance. However, if you are fortunate enough to go to France, you will find that not only does Ávene offer beauty care but it also offers health care treatments such as personal care, hydro-heotherapy and hydromassage.

So why not plan an escape to La Roche Posay or even away? Now, I have been using Evene since I was 13 years old, it was my first creme when I had the oily skins of teenagers, as it is one of the most commonly advised dermatological procedures by french dermatologists. Oily skins are the most common type of skins.

There is no chemist in France that does not sell away your brand of product, it is a must because it handles every individual case of problems in a soft and effective way. My best kept secrets of my life are... the jet of it! Yes, it is a flask that softly splashes a thin plume of springwater.... if you have oily skins, it will turn them overnight, if you have arid sins, it will provide the best moisturization, if you have itchy skins, it will soothe them, I sprayed my face every dark with vein after I removed my makeup and every day before I apply my basic lotion, it is astonishing, especially if you think it's just plain white wine.

Use it also for fatigued eye or rashes... it works wonders! If you have delicate epidermis, go for it, you will just like the Avene Make-up assortment! I' ve probably used these raw materials since childhood.

Mamaman will never give up everything beautiful to keep her passion for nature and biology, in other words, she only uses those that make a difference...and if they are nature, it's even better! The Klorane has a restricted selection of items just because it focuses on product excellence.

Each product is plant-based and contains essences such as stinging nettle, oats, mengo, citrus fruit, peach, pomegranate, sweet pepper, sweet pepper, camomile and anlmond. Every one of these botanicals has different properties for your coat and your scalp, which is why there is a guideline for each one on the website. In this way you can find out which naturally occurring botanicals are miraculous for you.

As an example, the use of porridge is used in the manufacture of styling agents for softness, while the use of churned nut oil is used in the care and restoration of injured styling. I have probably tried the whole Klorane product line through my different phases in life and always come back to them because my own style of coat is everything to me.

You will not see a one-time profit, but in the long run you will get any desired profit. Quinne Absolute makes my growth faster and more healthy (tip: it works wonders for men with thin skin, rely on me for my miracle ) and mango or almond milk for my dried coat.

And I also adore your "cires vegetales", a kind of naturally occurring growth that cares for your ends, restructures, hydrates, and hairstyles! The product palette in France is much broader than abroad, so if you go to France, you'll find yourself in a large pharmacy or parapharmacy and also take a look at your baby offer, for me the best....

All of us know Clinique, especially the make-up assortment, because Clinique is easy to find in any health food store, duty free and shopping centre alongside the most luxury make-up and cosmetic brands. CLINICIQUE is certainly one of my favourite make-up brands at all! Clinique's products have their roots in their own inheritance of dermatology, and this particular France trademark offers everything from cosmetics to colour.

Our product range can be adapted to the individual needs of each client, from greasy to mixed skins. CLINICIQUE makes sure that all our garments are at least 12 tests for allergies on 600 persons before they are placed on the market. In addition, 100% of our product is fragrance-free, so irritations are a thing of the past.

Make-up is ophthalmologically proven to give clients the look they want. As I have a very delicate and constantly evolving complexion, I find everything I need in Clínique. You should definitely try Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel, which moisturizes, tightens and cleanses your complexion for the best makeup results.

Also I use their make-up remover for my delicate skins like the "Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser" which is great when I am travelling and my skins get delicate. Even better, I enjoy fluid and powders because they cover me a great deal and make me look bright, cool, natural and long-lasting...and they are great for my delicate - and sometimes oily - skins!

No matter what your complexion size, try it and you won't be dissapointed! One of my favourites for everyday use, Even Better Clinique Foudation: covered, lightweight, concealed and very soft on my complexion. Now, the rationale why La Roche is my second best loved cosmetics label is simple because it never let me down.

From my early years La Roche has proved that there is a way to meet all my needs and it is so soft that I see it more as a drug for my own body than as a cosmetic treatment. La Roche Posay is endorsed by over 25,000 dermatologists and aims to offer professional dermal health solutions suitable for all dermal needs.

Our formulas are based on antioxidative hot springs. La Roche would not be recommended for overnight WOW results or even for wrinkles, but if your complexion is delicate, very dehydrated, hypersensitive or greasy, then la Roche Posay is a must. Caudalie was first introduced to me in high schools, I felt in love because of the scent and appearance of her crèmes, so my mother pampered me and purchased my first luxurious crème (yey! I'm equipping from Avene) and I haven't ceased to try all her body treatments since.

However, what Caudalie first let try was the history behind the name. An enchanting chemist from the south of France tells us that Caudalie was made by a young woman who had grown up in a vineyard in the Bordeaux region (Chateau) and always thought that naturally produced goods were more effective.

With the help of a Montpellier amateur dermatologist, she began the life long plan and chose to use all the vine based ingredients of the native species for facial treatment. Later, a spring of naturally occurring freshwater was found on her family's land and she began to mix with all the vine's naturally occurring produce (grapes, rootstock, tallow, leaves).

Caudalie was so enthusiastic and confident about her product that she quickly contracted a few investors...and now, in over 10 years, Caudalie is a world-renowned and prestigious luxurious beau name. Caudalie is free from paraffins, waxes, phthalates, minerals and man-made dye. Caudalie uses biological bunch liquor, grapeseed essential oil, moisturising agents, fairly traded sheabutter, emulsifying agents and citrus and citrus fruit liquors instead of hard substances.

Caudalie scientists are constantly on the lookout for new "green" substances that can help enhance cosmetics. I am proud to tell you my secrets of perfection, try the "Fluide Peau Parfait" to achieve the most attractive look! Your choice of peelings is great because they only use the grapevine's produce, I really enjoy the scent and the feeling.

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