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Baby warehouses", which take care of the undesirable immigrants of Israel.

About 37,000 migrant Africans are currently in a state of suspension in Israel and are not sure how long they can remain in the country." Goverment wants them to go, but their initial plans to expel some of them were quashed by the tribunals. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu then altered his opinion about an agreement with the UN only a few working days after it was made.

This small, confined flat in southern Tel Aviv contains: three rooms, a WC, a listening room with U.S. hop song recorder, a Nigerian lady making a saucepan with dinner, another lady seated on a stool looking at beds, and 20 small kids. but these little boy and girl can't walk.

It is one of about 90 "baby warehouses" - non-licensed places that provide affordable childcare services to tens of millions of African immigrants entering this small part of Tel Aviv. Nobody who loves a mother, so it is reasonable to say, would decide to let their baby go if there was another option.

Sophia, however, who comes from the Elifelet relief organization, which assists child refugees and wants to set up secure daycare centers, knows that she has no option - especially in view of the government's increasing hostility towards the individuals she regards as migrants. "Everyone is concerned about the expulsion so that the families work even longer to make money," she says.

"Somewhere they need to keep their baby cheaper. "The overwhelming majorities of immigrants in this crowded area of Tel Aviv come from Eritrea and Sudan who walked to Israel between 2006 and 2012. Now Israel wants those who it regards as migrant economists out of the game. During January, she volunteered 3,500 dollars (2,510 pounds) and a flight to Israel by the end of March.

"We' re taking measures against irregular migrants who come here to work," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said early this year. "The Israelis will remain a refuge for genuine fugitives and expel illegals. However, these places are seen as a threat by groups of people such as Elifielt, with repercussions that will remain with the child long after their departure.

"Sophia says it would not be an overstatement to say that kids go with post-traumatic distress and retarded study. "Those Africans are not my problem," calls an older cabbie in Neve Shaanan, a working-class neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv where most immigrants are bundled. The author disputes that there is a sense of race behind the sense that there are too many immigrants in the region.

"Look, they're kind folks, but I don't think they're refugees," he says. "He says that those who fight for the right of residence of immigrants in Israel have never shown so much solidarity for his fellowship - Mizrahic Jews who have migrated to Israel from Arabian states. However, he says that the deportation of human beings would not really felt right and is "very angry" at the administration "because it created the issue in the first place".

Even the 25,000 demonstrators who recently assembled at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to demonstrate against the evictions are furious at the authorities, albeit for various different purposes. Rabbi Susan Silverman, co-founder of Miklat Israel, a conservation effort designed to receive fugitives in congregations across the nation, thinks the government's policies violate Judaism.

"However, we also have a story in which we have needed men who take chances for us, open their houses for us, help us and reject this heritage. "Following a judicial appeal by a group of Erytrean and Sudanesian immigrants, the removal order was abandoned by Israel's highest tribunal.

Then the UN suggested an agreement to send tens of millions of African immigrants to countries in the West, while allowing others to stay in Israel. Netanyahu has now cancelled this program, but says: "Despite regulatory restrictions and emerging global challenges, we will remain determined to act to examine all available means to eliminate the intruders.

Picking up her baby to get out of the apartment, she looks up tired and says, "I'm happy she's okay and sure today. Among this group are those who flee from war-torn lands such as Syria, who are likely to be given the status of refugees, as well as those who seek work and a better life, who are likely to be governed by government to be migrant economists.

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