Baby Cribs


Baskets & Baby beds by Moses Taking your new baby home is a memento that you will keep forever. Open the doors to a home full of new playthings and baby clothing just looking to be carried will give you a tremendous time. Naturally you want to make sure that everything is perfectly for your nice new issue, but your new baby will be very sleepy (as we are sure it will be the mother) and spend many long nights a night sleeping.

The choice of the ideal mosquito net or nativity scene is therefore indispensable for you and your little bunch of pleasures of convenience and luck. Musa hampers are a little more traditionally in the way they are usually supplied with a wood rack, some of them adorned with beautiful pieces of canvas. It is important when selecting a child's bed or Muses bassinet to make sure that you find the right baby bed made to order so that everything is simply comfortable for the little one.

Swing or sliding cribs as well as swing racks for Muses hampers are available, so that there is something for every preference and purse. There are also some nice cribs from big labels like Stokke and Cosatto, while there are Baby K and Little Circus baby masks from Mose.

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