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Comfortable, practical and packed with bright colours and charming prints, we have clothes and accessories to suit your baby's every need. A baby sling supports your baby in hammock-like comfort when walking, jogging, hiking or cross-country skiing. Baby-department (0-2) It is our goal to provide a comfortable and relaxing ambience in which you and your baby will find yourself at home in a secure, inspiring setting that promotes your child's personal needs with loving caring attentiveness, alertness, happiness and safety. While the first targeted infants and younger kids who may not be as stable on their legs, the second targeted older infants who are able to participate in more structural outcomes.

They have the chance to study during their hard working days in the nursery and enjoy a wide range of different social outings. We want all this to inspire your baby and at the same time to be a source of pleasure and enjoyment! At Clever-Clogs, as young kids primarily study and evolve through the use of their sense, it is important for us to offer thrilling, colorful sensorial games and gear to help your baby excite.

There is also a dedicated sensorial area in this section that contains a wide range of resource that invites kids to use all their five senses. What's more, we also have a special sensorial area in this section that contains a wide range of materials that encourage kids to use all their five. Requires Adobe Flash Player. Download Adobe Flash Player.

Boy accessories - 4-24 month - Online-Shop

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Babies and kids party

The baby show is now over, but you can still buy our great range of baby care articles for you and your little ones. Baby foods, bathing utensils, diapers, baby cloths, baby room articles, baby chairs and prams. In addition, you will find here great offerings for the most important things around the hospital bags as well as consultation and inspiration for every stage, from gestation to the infant.

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