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Dresses and skirts for your baby girl with swinging patterns and charming details, all made of soft fabrics and designed for active, fun days. Baby-girl Dresses & Outfits ? Baby Designer Dresses ? Featuring a range of beautiful, high-quality tracks from artists around the world including Stella McCartney Kids, Album di Famiglia, Imps & Elfs and many more. You will find a large variety of designs and fabrics from silk gowns to shirts in romper dress.

The focus of our shopping team's range is on flower, stripe and pet printed clothing... there's something for every style, taste and occasion.

Since clothing comes into close touch with children's skins, it is also better to choose fabrics made of wool to prevent irritations. Baby girls are the must-have base material to combat the cold in wintry weather. Combine some baby leggings under a nice flanell or jeans dress to turn your favorite little bit of silver into a look that's perfect for the upcoming winters.

Even on your first trips to the families or during the Christmas period, a dress made of silk for young women will be a big success. In search of hot, comfy, convenient and top class fabrics, our shopping staff has travelled the world to provide you with the best in babywear.

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