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Facebook woman sharing their clothing catastrophes as they devastate Asiatic retail stores.

Hundreds have taken to the welfare press to blow up their online shoppers' buys that weren't quite what they were expecting when they purchased them online. The shocked clients share photographs of the ordered goods and what actually came in their mailboxes, and share stunning clothes that wouldn't look out of place in a kid's suitcase.

Ladies who think they are being deceived are now turning to online community to join a burgeoning number of Facebook pages highlighting dubious goods purchased from websites. Pages are focused on three Chinese global retail companies - Rosegal, Rose Wholesale, DressLily and FashionMia - and claim that the articles promoted on their websites are not at all similar to the articles they actually sell.

She had ordered a picture of a creme -coloured A-line dress with tender marine embroideries and a full, swollen coat. But what came was a faded impersonation with sticky net sleeve, dark flower details and an open seam. Lisa Marie Diaz thought she had ordered a crème and blues dress that was wedged at the waist but what she got instead was a folded plastic bad dream that didn't just look rigid but also partly transparent.

That' s what I got," said Tia Sa, who writes on the Facebook group that Rosegal is a SCAM. As you can see, this is a 3/4 top and the pics are a full sleeve dress. Another example of deceptive phenomena is when a lady who ordered a sweater with a soft laced seam and turned out arms got a creased piece of gray cloth made of synthetics instead.

Another lady, who ordered a figure-hugging leotard, told the pictures of her carrying a badly seated romper.

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