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Purchase the latest Styles & Must-Have baby parts from our range of children's designer clothing. Preterm infants are clothed in the NICU's landmark outfits of July 4.

To spend every vacation in your home with a person you love can be a disastrous one. However, for the families of more than 30 preterm infants in the nursing home of an Illinois clinic in the Netherlands, NICU's Independence Day provided a slight respite after being asked to give their dear newborn children a little extra patriotic makeup to give them some celebratory pleasure in the ICU.

Pictures divided by the Advocate Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Downers Grove, Illinois, show tens of teeny little infants in enchanting reds, whites and blues outfits against a very patriotic backdrop on July 4. Others have minute air hoses in their faces, while some of them are stopped by a mother or even a nursing staff member who was at their side to help with a spontaneous photoshoot in honour of the event.

"Pretty little baby! They' re all very valuable," a former staff member at the clinic said before adding: Many others gave joyful greetings to the premature infants and their families for July 4 - none of whom could actually bring their infants home and see them spending their first few nights, week and month in the nursery.

Illinois is certainly not the first place to help its premature infants throw a costume celebration for a public day.

Who' s Jenny Packham, what were her Kate Middleton baby outfits and who else did the UK fashion design lady wear?

At JENNY Packham we are a UK based design company with a well-known name. Who' s Jenny Packham? She has shops and shows in London, New York, Paris and Hong Kong. There were nine bridal gowns and a few bridesmaids' outfits and accessoires. Kate Middleton's regal baby outfits?

Duchess presented all three of her kids to the whole earth while carrying Jenny Packham. It was a creme-coloured and golden satin dress with a pattern of buttercups. On April 23, 2018, when Kate gave life to the youngest King and Queen Princess, she appeared in a Jenny Packham dress in bright blue and blue.

One of Jenny Packham's best known admirers, Kate Middleton often wore her clothes. Whom else did Jenny Packham dress? Over the years, a number of prominent people have wore Jenny Packham outfits. A few remarkable faces are Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah, Helen Mirren, Cameron Diaz, Emily Blunt, Kate Winslet and Adele Adkins.

Known better as Adele Adkins worn the designer's tailor-made dress when she received the prize for the best song for the Skyfall at the 85th Academy Awards. Not only Kate decides to wear a Packham dress during pregnancy, Kate Winslet also wears a scarlet number for a 2013 first.

Kim Sears, who wed the 2015 Ace of tennis Andy Murray, showed that her wedding fashion is as much in vogue as her nightwear, did so in a Packham design.

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