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Among the seven decade long apparel are discreet clothes that Elisabeth and Margaret wore in their early years and which would not be out of place with the young Princess Charlotte today. It also sells clothes that the Queen's sisters wore in the sixties and seventies, in particular several sets by the renowned fashion house design Christian Dior.

The Elizabeth and Margaret's children's clothing was donated to the royal nurse Clara Knight, who took care of them both and many of these items. Margaret also sells 10 garments and other accessoires that she gave to her servant Maria Roattino, an Italy servant who worked for her for several years.

Elizabeth and Margaret's 1935 pairs of woollen night dresses are sold for 1,500, while 1932 knit pullovers are worth 600. Margaret's gown, designed by Thea Porter in 1978, is worth £2,500. She was typing a light colored yellow dress she was wearing in 1971 to be sold for £1,000.

At the same time, a dress made of velvet caftan is likely to cost 600 pounds. Their traditional Philippine dress from 1980 is sold for 600 pounds. He regularly visited Dior in Paris and also participated in Dior shows at Blenheim Castle in Woodstock, Oxon, in 1952, 1954 and 1958.

She had a reciprocal awe and he described her as a "true fairytale princess, tender, charming and exquisite". Incorporating a drawing of Diana's autumn 1988 golden and ivory Hurel Pearl Satinball dress, worth 600 pounds. I think Margaret's clothes really show her dazzling and insurgent side, with the Africans and the caftans that became a characteristic look.

After the Sartorian reserve of her infancy and the hardships and limitations of capitalism, she explored the worlds of fashions, including Christian Dior's own romance. All auctions will take place on 18 June.

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