Baby Equipment Bundle

Baby-equipment package

Full kindergarten and travel system package, red We have made it simple for you to realize your new arrivals in the wide open market with this 3in1 modular trip system and Nursery Bundle starters. There is no need to search for a night table with bed linen, high and low chairs, baby carriages, carrier bags, seats and separate equipment. The bundle starter package includes: 1x Koos Group 0+ child safety chair. Coordinating stroller pocket with 1 x baby diaper change. Coordinate the stroller lining 1 x.

CONVERT CROSSWALK 3 IN 1 - prams, pushchairs, carrycot, seats and equipment. Crosswalk Convert is the new high capacity off-road vehicle with a unique collapsible system.

Trendy in the cities and strongly in the countryside, these qualities make it the ideal stroller for any lifestyle. The Crosswalk's progressive functions make it an agile, manoeuvrable stroller. An aluminum tube frame, independently suspended front shocks on the back and a more roomy back with adjustable multi-seat back ( plus a uniquely positioned neonatal horizontally ) provide more comfortable seating for the baby.

The Crosswalk has everything you could want from a pram. With this Crosswalk conversion system, you can turn the stroller seating assembly into a carrying bag with its own hooded front and rear aprons. It has 2 carrying grips and holding rods so that the bag can be detached and used seperately so that the baby can rest in it.

The spacious seating section with bigger bonnet and skirt creates the perfect setting for the newborn. 10 percent more compressible, patent-registered fold system. Large swivel and removable seating units. Easy to convert into a self-contained carrying bag with carrying grips, making it perfect for the newborn. Stroller seating which is also suited from the moment of delivery, the back rest has several lying down postures and a couch/flat modus which offers the baby more comforts.

Sturdy fold with the chair in both position and removable castors. Turn the Crosswalk Convert into a travelling system by installing the KOOS Group 0+ Auto Saddle - one of the most lightweight and cutting-edge child safety saddles on the road. With only 2.9 kg one of the easiest automobile seating on the shelves.

Profi-fix system: Keys on the grip move the grip and allow you to raise the vehicle seats from the frame with a single move. Your anti-rotation unit offers more safety for your baby. A new high chair with 6 lying down places. With 6 back rest and 7 vertical and 2 tablet positioning options - 84 different combinations!...

Removable tablet holder. There are 6 different sitting postures with automatically adjusted seating angles for optimum baby comforts. There are 7 height-adjustable seating heights. Removable tablet with 2 places. Including removable, co-ordinating cushions. The top tablet lid is easily removed and is perfect for carrying groceries to the baby. Underneath the tablet is a children's restraint that prevents the baby from sliding down the chair.

Ergonomic design for optimum baby convenience. With this new foldable nightstand and freestanding manger you can stay safe near your baby. Her baby can lie down in the nursery and snuggle and breastfeed thanks to the cot. Stay near your baby without sharing the same cot.

When your baby is growing, it can be used as a separate crèche.

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