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Shopping list for newborns - please help! Will I need a baby bath or bath carrier? The list of the most important garments, the hospital bag list, the baby name list, the baby shopping list.

Babyshow 2018

Baby Show is the UK's premier maternity and parents show. Over 200 exhibiting companies offer an unmatched selection of top baby brand names and baby care solutions - all under one umbrella. In addition, there will be innovations in brand launch, boutiques and brand names that are not on the streets. Benefit from personalized expert consultation, thousands of rebates and the chance to try it out before you buy.

It' really a must-have for everyone who buys for their new arrivals - especially for firstborn babies! There' going to be a huge amount of exquisite show rebates, contests and free gifts to make sure you get your Baby Essentials shopping list in no time! In addition to a family-friendly shopping environment, the show provides attendees with a great chance to meet a select group of top baby and care professionals from birth, breast-feeding, diet and babycare.


It doesn't have to be a "station", but just an area of the room with everything in one place, so that you don't chase around at this decisive time. In my view, the most important thing is QUANTITY - not only do you have one dressing room - maybe one in your children room, one in your lounge and maybe even one in your own room when you spend the first few month of your being there.

If you have more than one storey in your house, these different areas are even more important, especially if you have more than one kid and can't go to the crib every lesson or so... let's make this nappy-changing shop as simple as possible! Diapers - we use Naty diapers when our baby is small, just because they are biologically certificated (by not only one organization, but also by LOADS) and seemed to be the only ones that didn't cause our guys diaper-rashes.

Babies' cloths - in the first few month we also use baby cloths, just because in these early times of the year we wanted the best solution for the baby's baby and we didn't want any needless chemical products near them. Diaper creme - the make you use for this is truly a custom option and will depend on your baby's epidermis.

Diaper change pad - this is a rather important point that you should have on your baby change desk..... We have a range of diaper changers that we have developed especially for your day care centre. The most important thing after bathing - if you want to prepare the baby after bathing on the baby change unit, it can be practical to have things such as hairbrush, fingernail clipper, massaging oils (for a nice sticky time) at your fingertips (see Kokoso above!).

Ok, here's the thing... as soon as a baby reaches a certain height, everything they want to do while you're switching diapers is placed in the diaper with their fingers. We can all see how awkward this is, I think, so have a little plaything ready to give your hand something to gamble with or they'll try to feed the baby cloths... or even worst.

Mobility - keep the baby diverted with a cell phone that hangs over the diaper changer, see above for why - just don't put it so low that it can actually be reached. Plus, when your baby is being born for the first time, he won't be able to accomplish or keep anything, and it's a great idea to give them something they can see and enjoy as you move them.

Nocturnal light - let's just say baby's don't get the knack, so they have to change diapers all dark! When you want to use a dresser as a baby changer, get some tray partitions ( IKEA sells some great ones ) to keep everything separated and beautiful and organized.

There are a number of different sizes of storing cases and basket, perfectly suited for a baby changer. lf you don't have much room, then l advise you to use the walls. We would be happy to see how you have made your own transfer points - just mark us in your images on Instagram.

Have fun exploring your baby's room and shopping for your baby!

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