Baby Fashion


Babies clothes and fashion suitable for a little prince or a little princess. Stylish your budding fashion lover in charming baby designs from Ted Baker. Princely baby fashion: Clothing that is suitable for a little prince or a little princess.

ChloƩ's fancy dress would be ideal for a full days out with your dam and your little girl. With Kate Middleton in her arms, Baby King will blend seamlessly into the London design world. Paul Smith's charming little princess dress is ideal for a little princely to dress for an outing.

As a young king, Prince William was often clothed in elegant blouses and pants, so it would be appropriate for the king's baby to step in his father's shoes with this sweet little waistcoat and blouse. Featuring the lovely patchwork dress of blouse and jersey with the blouse on the dress, this adorable dress is ideal for those times when the little princess is having some great moments with her little one.

Beautiful little prince will look enchanting in this two-piece Hugo Boss suit suitable for a kingly little kid. Middleton and Prince William will be hosted at high social gatherings, and the baby will probably be visiting a few besides her family. Junior Jean Paul Gaultier gown is the fashion accessory of your dreams for a little princess.

If you have two nature-loving relatives, the Little Prince or Princess of Cambridge will probably need all-weather equipment. She is a benefactor of the English explorers and even spend a whole outdoor holiday with them in March. These charming rose baby slippers by the UK based Paul Smith are a real treat for us.

They' d be great for staggering around Kate Middleton and Prince William's recently refurbished Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace. By following in his father's steps, the kingly baby may well become an adventure ghost. That IKKS tee would be ideal for a single date with the next Prince of Cambridge's fond sire Prince William.

A single item IKKS coat that would be ideal for the baby's first ride on the run. With Kate Middleton and Prince William being enthusiastic about skiing, there is no question that the princess or prince-to-be will learn to ride at an early age. How do you know that? The pregnant Kate Middleton was discovered in March on a walk through a Swiss skiing area, after taking part in a festive luncheon at the marriage of Laura and Mark Tomlinson, while Prince William was spending the afternoon with Prince Harry on the run.

Featuring patchy reds, whites and blues, this Tommy Hilfiger baby is perfect for a little prince. Kenzo's rose coloured coat will keep the baby soft and comfortable in the coming fall season. Middleton is often seen taking her Lupo for a stroll in Hyde Park and is known to get wrapped in her popular L.K. Bennett Darwin coat.

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