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Boutique Baby Fashion

The Zara baby boutique opens in London Zara, the retail chain, has opened its first boutique for baby clothes in London. Inditex, Zara and its mother brand Inditex are one of the world's biggest retail chains, known for its stylish men's, women's and household goods line. Headquartered in London's Covent Garden at 52 Long Acre, the new baby boutique is the first to be fully equipped with baby clothes and accessoires.

Our assortment reaches from neonates to infants at the age of 12 month and for infants at the age of three month to four years. Currently Zara is active in over 90 countries around the globe and has over 7,000 businesses.

Fashion boutiques at high street rates

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Magic Mimi Fashion Boutique | Baby fantasy toy

Featuring two magic Mimi puppets and nice clothes to put on, this kit is wonderfully packed in a gift packaging that opens to a game area. Ideal for small hand sizes, this cute magic mimi puppet is poised for magic adventure. Comes in a gorgeous magic Mimi kit that opens to a gorgeous game setting where your Mimi puppets can disguise themselves and experience their magic adventure.

Includes two Mimi dummies, great for toying with a boyfriend, this kit comes with all the beautiful clothes and footwear you'll need to cut and undo your Mimi dummies so your little one can get dressed and share your outfit with other Mimi figures (sold separately). This magic Mimi kit is great for fake games and inspires your child's fantasy, while games with your boyfriend will enhance important interpersonal and communicative abilities.

Remember.......we have more Magic Mimi Puppets and Game Kits to enrich your magic game environment.

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