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When no one is available to receive the parcel, a business card/card will be abandoned for you to re-arrange the shipment. Please use the chart below to select your product dimensions. All our product range is in factory dimensions. In order to help you, we have added the boot dimensions in the UK, USA and Europe according to the manufacturers heights.

ATTENTION: On the UK website, when choosing your footwear sizes, please select the British sizes after ordering. At the US page you can choose your boot sizes according to your order.

The Edinburgh store owners remain impartial in the baby fashion controversy

There is a burgeoning fashion community that baby clothing can be a more interesting hue than the classic purple and white. The Edinburgh retail store Kris Currie, one of the pioneers of style and "sexless" clothing that can be carried by girls or boys and passed from nurse to nurse, welcomes this uptrend.

Described as a contemporary baby and infant shop, Bon Tot, their store in Stockbridge, offers a beautifully crafted selection of childrens clothes and playthings that are contemporary, design-oriented, minimalist, unique and ethical. Six years ago, after the delivery of their daugther, Kris and her wife Graham opened their minds to the question of sex prescription attire.

They also felt very comfortable with the sweatshop and did not want clothes that included kids in the trial. Kris, originating from Philadelphia, began exploring small independant brand names in America and now purchases goods from all over Europe, Great Britain and the USA. "We soon realized that the clothes we were looking for were out there, but not available here.

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