Baby Floor Toys

Infant floor toys

Around this time I noticed that she was really starting to pay attention to the toys and the mirror and so on. When you are looking for baby toys or baby play mats, browse our online collection of baby products. Since when did you begin using a baby toy/gym? - baby

Hello everyone, my baby is 2 1/2 week old. He/it spend its daily in its Muses-Korb - and some times in a bouncing seat. Even though he has some cruel times during the morning, he still has a good night's rest. Perhaps I wondered if I should do more with him during the course of the night when he's up - and maybe that's why I'm insecure when I lay him down - because he just won't go to bed?

Can he really see a lot at the mere ages of a few week to profit from a play mat? Not using a play mat - or even buying one - until my little girl was about 6 week old, I guess. You sound as if you're already doing a lot with your boy at this stage, they really should only be up for about an hours if I recall well!

So I snuggled my little girl to bed until she was about 3 month old when I found out that she wouldn't fall asleep herself, maybe he was just looking for some of Mom`s comforts? Think I used our play mat once or twice after about 5 week, but I used it correctly after about 8 week.

Around this hour I realized that she was really beginning to pay attention to the toys and the mirrors and so on. My guess is that a baby as young as 2 1/2 of a week can get slightly overexcited and her waking hours are usually so brief. Interacting with the baby by speaking, chanting, cuddling and snuggling is probably just enough.

From about 5 months DS2 began to take care of things. He is now 9 week old and won't be around much longer, I think I play with him, keeps him happy for the longest while. It was the first to try the exercise at 2 week, but it wasn't until it was about 5 or 6 week that she began trying to hit at toys.

At 9 we could talk for about 10 min if I had to make a call. It sits or stands also gladly on it and toy toys in such a way toyoy. We have the Fisher Price rainforest, which is playing musical instruments and also has blinking beacons, so she was interested in them from the beginning. From the first weekend on we had the playing mat, although I quickly noticed that it couldn't hold out with the musical for very long - it would lay and look in the mirrors and things they were really things from the beginning.

She' s probably learnt to hit with the toy from about 7 or 8 week ago and now, at 17 week, she is spending most of her playing time on a toy, kicking, beating, beating, beating, beating, beating, beating etc - I don't know how it doesn't get boring for her, but it doesn't seem that way!

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