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Furniture for babies

High-quality kindergarten furniture in Scandinavian design. Get in touch with baby furniture at Messenger. Children's rooms & baby furniture | Cots, cribs & Moses bassinets We have a large choice of children's furniture, accessoires and bed linen available from a large choice of premium brand names such as Tutti Bambini, Obaby and Lizziwotnot - all at great value for your money! Our children's furniture, accessoires and bed linen are all available at great value for your money! Why not choose one of our great products?

Our main items include children's room furniture sets, Moses bunk beds and basketry. Our baby beds and terraces are made of stylish, baby-neutral design in the colours pinewood, nutwood, white and many other discreet surfaces.

And we also take care of the older kid, with a number of juvenile cots as well as blankets, bedsheets, mattresses und writing tables to make sure their bedroom continues to grow as they do! You choose your kindergarten furniture? If you are purchasing for your baby's daycare, you will want to recreate an atmosphere that is both soothing for bedtime and contains exciting kindergarten furniture and play and study equipment, which is why we offer items that meet both specification, such as wallpapers, baby phones and blankets.

Kindergarten furniture baby & baby

Build the daycare for your new beginning with our amazing selection of children's furniture from top brand names such as Mamas and Papas, East Coast and Tutti Bambini. With our children's room furniture kits, building your children's room is child's play, with everything you need for your baby's first room. Select from three-piece suite or full children's room collection to make your children's room come alive.

With our selection of crèches and baby carriages, children's bed and children's bed, your little one will be able to have a stylish and comfortable night's rest. When you need a children's room, look through our assortment of children's rooms, shelving, chest of drawers or chest of drawers. There are also care and baby changing tables and changing tables, as well as top changing tables, to give your child's room the final touch.

We have a great selection of kindergarten supplies to make the perfect setting for your baby - from the most important things in the kids' room like crèches and kids bed or kids bed, great baby sheets and covers to extra items like thermometer and bedspread. With our large selection of baby and children's baby bed from top labels such as East Coast, Mamas & Papas and Tutti Bambini, your new arrivals can enjoy a stylish and comfortable night's rest.

In order to keep your little ones nearby, we also have a large selection of nice nativity scenes and Moses wickerwork from major labels such as Clair de Lune, Mamas & Papas & Cossato. We offer children's room furniture kits featuring attractive and vintage suits from East Coast and Tutti Bambini (who currently offer a free home installation set for their items).

We have everything you need to make your baby's first bed room look great, from a collection that includes cupboards and chests of drawers & changing rooms to accessoires such as care stools and bookshelves. Select from a large range of children's bed linen and baby cot entry kits. With our amazing bed linen collection you can make your daycare centre come alive with wonderful blackberry & goo, zippy zebra and ladybird and more.

Select one of our fantastic baby phones to listen to your baby when you're not in the room.

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