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This shop is clearly arranged and has a professional ambience. We're not just another furniture store. The online furniture store for designer furniture, lighting and accessories.

Over us | Housing unit

House Unit is more than just Manchester's largest and best furniture and home furnishings mall. If you are looking for inspiring and classy home furnishings, we want to be the first and only place you need to go. Come and see our shop and enjoy over 200,000 m² of home furniture and architectural interiors.

More than 30,000 items, everything you need for your lounge, diner, bedroom and children's room, as well as a large selection of electrical fireplaces, natural fireplaces and lovely fireplace enclosures, tasteful bathrooms, a breathtaking image and reflection collection and much more. Our assortment includes clothing, shoes, toy and furniture for bedrooms.

We are in limbo together with the furniture sale of the housing complex. You will sense that the accommodation is different from the arrival and you will be welcomed by our renowned bouncers with cylinders and golden blueprints. When your goods are supplied by our housing unit fleets, our personnel will fully unwrap your goods and place them in the space of your choosing, taking great pains to ensure that they get out of your home as cleanly as possible when they arrives.

What is in the online storefront? When it' s a fast stop at the Mid Shops, stop at the Hollinwood Café for a relaxing break, from exquisite lunch biscuits to homemade pâtés and a wide range of cakes. One of the reasons why we have so many repeat clients who come to our place to make contacts and buy is our astonishing eating time.

Are you looking for a new opportunity in a fun and rewarding setting? Find out more about our current openings here.

Stork-talk | prams and kindergarten furniture

Our company carries a large assortment of the industry's top name. Have we got the products? Silberkreuz/ Emmaljunga/ Baby Style etc. Delivery from warehouse? Even in the shop we are selling for less than the price of the web and provide a kind welcome to our customers. Take a look at our assortment for today - our prizes are unbeatable!...

Part of the Toymaster group, we carry a large selection of games from Airfix dolls and Lego to Sylvanian Families and dollhouses.

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