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Exclusive selection of fashion, furniture and decorative items. And unique and stylish children's furniture from Silver Cross, Boori, Kidsmill and SnuzPod. BabyCentre, according to a user of the parents' website BabyCentre, IKEA furniture is a good source of quirky names. Children's beds, cots & mattresses - Children's room furniture.

Featuring Charlie Crane - The latest Charlie Crane line

Crane is a young furniture and baby care architect. Charlie Crane, inspired by the Nordic designs of the 1950s and 1960s, believes that baby furniture should not only be functional and convenient, but also appealing. Levo Charlie Crane couch will not seem out of place next to your couch.

Crane Charlie has grasped all about the needs of young families who are looking for smart and attractive child care facilities. Don't look any further, the latest arrives of the mark are all here in our Charlie Crane shop.

Milennials name their children after IKEA furniture.

Are you fighting for baby name? Perhaps you will find your inspirations in an unusual furniture house. BabyCentre, according to a website parent IKEA furniture is a good resource for whimsical name. The following are the most appropriate IKEA furniture designations, according to BabyCentre. Unless you're into the concept of giving your baby a name or gender-neutral name after a 90' cult iconic figure, two of the most loved baby name conventions of the year to date, let's present the latest - and definitely the weirdest - possible resource of 2018 baby name inspirations.

Mothers and fathers who want to become BabyCentre should not go beyond the search in the IKEA catalog, according to the parents' website BabyCentre. "Your baby's IKEA furniture name may seem laughable at first sight, but you shouldn't reject the idea," the author claimed in a recent article in LucyBC's online diary. "And IKEA is known for the charismatic Nordic name that its product has, and many work as well as baby names."

She says some are even gender-neutral, and might just as well work for a little girls or a little boys, so you can slay two baby name trending with one rock. BabyCentre says the most suitable baby brands are those that have been influenced by IKEA: You can even name your shoots after a baby item from the shop if you don't like any of them.

Choosing a baby Lättsam (baby bath), Lilla (potty) or Gonatt (cot) would really saving your baby a lot of money, saving him a lot of money and, uh, making him stand out from the mass. Hjärtelig Baby, anyone? There is no evidence to suggest how many - if any - new families would name the apples of their eyes after a revolving stool (Bleckberget) or a range of cooking implements (Direkt), but if the appeal of other Nordic countries - and of all the things Scandi has to offer, by the way - is anything, there is a good chance that it is something humans could actually do.

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