Baby Gadgets 2015

Gadgets Baby 2015

The best educational devices of CES 2015: Bluetooth dummies, intelligent bottles and interactive trainers. The 10 gadgets each new parental will need in 2015. From May 15 to 17, NEC's Baby Show will feature parental and toddler shows to try out the latest dazzling gadgets that all promise to make living simpler for the family. So, before the show, we asked the show professionals to tell us what they think of the top 10 gadgets that all new mom and dad will need in 2015.

And do you approve?

Most Wild Baby Articles of the Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Techniloving folks, this is for you..... Are you a gadget-loving parent then you' ll be pleased to know that the largest consumer electronics show, the CES, is in full swing in Las Vegas and this year is offering some of the most intelligent baby items you can think of. Ranging from intelligent bedding that can tell teenagers when their baby is having a bad dream, to electrical safety harness displays, makers have been preoccupied with ensuring that we, as teenagers, can navigate, watch and monitor almost every facet of our baby's life.

And since we are of course the social savvy parent, we can use Bluetooth or the web to communicate all this information to anyone we want. Known better as the world's biggest manufacturer of semiconductors (sexy, huh), it has developed a safety belt device that will fit on a normal safety harness and warn the parent when the strap is released.

A smartphone application that also tracks the vehicle temp allows the parent to link to the video clips. In addition, as an extra safety measure for very distracted parent, an alert will sound if you leave the vehicle with your baby. It' s so simple to loose a doll that nestles into a crib, is thrown into a stack of playthings or is caught between the stitches of the stroller.

Well, now you can, because the Pacif-I mobile phone comes with a touch screen so you always know where it is. According to the producer, the "world's most intelligent dummy" also allows you to monitor your baby's movement and alert him when your baby leaves.

In addition, the dolly has a built-in temp probe that monitors, logs and transmits the temp of your baby while sucking. That'?s of interest now, if your baby has colon. It' an intelligent baby flask that helps keep colics under check. Too good to be right? that his baby gigl is gonna do just that.

Tracking how quickly and how much your baby drinks and indicating the optimal holding position, the baby will ensure that your baby does not absorb too much oxygen when breastfeeding. At £65 a flask, it's not inexpensive. Now, there's an application (and a smartbed) for that.

How long will it be before your kid takes his boots off?

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