Baby Gear Bundle Collection

Gear Bundle Collection

Discover modern patterns, baby safety and more! User manuals, troubleshooting tips and advice for the first time; The baby book: Explore baby equipment and travel accessories for parents on the go. A popular rear car seat package.

Nice Minnie Sway'n game Wing

Purchase Disney baby butterfly dream crib bedding kit from the bed bathroom & beyond. Her little lady will love Disney Baby's Butterfly dream collection with Minnieouse. Light up the children's room of your little girl with the enchanting Minnie Butterfly Deluxe Butterfly Lamp. Coordinated with other articles from the Minnie Butterfly Mother Butterfly Kindergarten collection, available seperately.

Mouse Mickey bedroom piece of bedroom furnishings is known and entertaining pet-cartoon character in 1928 from the Walt Disney Studios.

Car Polaris Car and Jogging Stroller Bundle

Now your sporty life style has the impeccable pram design. Chicco's ACTIV3® pram is the ultimate mix of a trendy pram and a gym runner. The ACTIV3® is engineered to integrate kids from 6 month to 50 lbs into the comforts of its high quality, weather-resistant fabric, and also features a detachable bracing specially developed to secure the Chicco KeyFit number 1 child safety chair so you can use your ACTIV3 with your baby from the very first dais.

ACTIV3® is fitted with a fully coverable, retractable awning, a multi-adjustable recliner and a 5-point belt for a convenient and safe fit during your baby's first adventure. Manually operated handbrake holds the pram in place for ease of handling and handling and eliminates the need to apply the brakes with your feet during running.

ACTIV3® Polaris Jogging Stroller is a bright colour scheme that is cool, funny and new. Wealthy, long-lasting materials in dark blue-green and noble silvery are counterbalanced by a fashionable shade of pure silk and create a stylish look that babies and grown-ups will want to show off. The Chicco KeyFit 30 with the number 1 is the simplest automobile safety harness that is easy, precise and safe to use.

The ReclineSure® spring-loaded levelling foot adapts to the corner of your passenger compartment. Featuring energy-absorbing expanded plastic, the KeyFit 30 is fitted with a five-point belt that can be quickly and simply set to the exact position using the single-pull belt adjuster, and an ergonomically designed baby tray provides additional assistance for smaller infants (4-11 lbs) on their first outings.

RIGHT fits to a KeyFit®! The KeyFit® Caddy was developed especially for the KeyFit child safety chair with the top grade 1 and is a great complement to Chicco baby equipment. With the simple and safe one-hand click auto seating system you've come to rely on from Chicco, this light weight auto seating support has been specially developed for parent travellers looking for a comfortable way to spend particularly bustling times with their baby.

Featuring a light aluminium chassis, small one-hand folding, large extendable cage and height-adjustable 4-position grip, it's simple to see how the KeyFit Caddy can make your baby's first few month easier. Please read the Owner Driver Guide to unseat the vehicle occupant. DO NEVER disconnect the wiring loom or wiring loom component from Carrier.

When the wiring loom is heavily dirty or broken, call Chicco to order a new one. Wash plastic, wiring loom and LATCH strap with hot tap wash and soft detergent. In order to wash the clasp or LATCH equipment, wash it in a hot tub of hot running hot tub fluid or a hot foam pad. Please read the "Mounting/Removing the Cover" section in the User Guide to clear the pram door.

Follow the maintenance sticker for directions on how to wash the stroller's fabrics. Regularly remove sharp parts with a wet, lint-free rag. Be sure to always tumble-dried to avoid rusting when the pram is in direct sunlight. Regularly inspect the state of the bikes and keep them free of dirt and sands.

In order to reduce rubbing that could affect the proper functioning of the pushchair, make sure that all moving parts of plastics arranged along the metallic framework are free of dusts, debris or sands. Store the pushchair in a safe, cool place. You will find information on how to wash the cloth parts of the trolley on the maintenance sticker.

Regularly remove sharp parts with a wet, lint-free rag. Be sure to always tumble-drys the metal parts to reduce the risk of rusting when the trolley is in direct touch with it. Regularly inspect the trolley for loosened bolts, damaged parts, cracked materials or seams. Only use Chicco spare parts. In order to reduce rubbing that could affect the proper functioning of the trolley, make sure that all moving parts made of synthetic materials arranged along the metallic framework are free of dusts, debris or sands.

Store the trolley in a cool, clean and safe place. When the trolley gets damp, open it and let it fully cool. Longer periods of exposed weather may cause the tissue to pale and parts of plastics to be warped.

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