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Baby-gear baby seats for babies. The Ace baby seats for strollers . Junior Graco child car seat Base. Cosco Scenera NEXT is simply a more intelligent car seat - designed for families who know what they need.

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The backward directed seat will reduce the chance of frontal crash injuries by more than 80% in comparison to a traditional forward directed seat with belt system, as the power of a crash is evenly spread over a large area. Therefore, major consumers' organisations are recommending that infants stay in rear-facing car safety positions beyond Group 0+.

Sirona, the trend-setting seat combined with the TEST WINNER, was tested by Stiftung Warentest 6/2012 for its outstanding security features and smart functions.

Shopping guides for car seats: Choosing the best one for your baby

Now, unlike most of the choices you will make where the liberal Do whatever works best for you bead of educational saying can be used meaningfully, car seat products are governed by their own security rules and regulations that vary with your baby's growth. Kids over 135 cm tall or over 12 years old must then fasten a seat belt.

When your baby needs a car seat, you can choose the right seat according to its size or mass (see car seat category below). While it' likely that you will be purchasing through a legitimate store or specialist retailer who has done all your housework for you, there is an easiest way to verify that the seat you have purchased is EU-approved - just look for a tag with a large "E" in a circle. Your store will have a large "E" in it.

Additionally to'E','R129' should appear on the authorised altitude related seat labels and'ECE R44' on the authorised weights related seat labels. While surfing the Internet, it is useful to know that the group numbers of the car seat (group 0, group 1, etc.) are also shown next to the entire car seat class (facing forward, etc.). Groups are groups of weights and may include one or more of the seat classes.

Group numbers of car seat are as follows: It is an expansion of previous rules according to which infants should be turned back until they weigh 9 kg (about 9 months). The groups 0 and 0+ are directed backwards. Although this is a practical choice, the suggestion is that car seat should be used for travel and not for long periods of nap - baby should sleep in a shallow bed if possible.

When your baby has grown out of the rear-facing seat, it is safer to use a Group 1 forwardfacing seat with integrated seat belt that will hold up to four years of age or up to a weight of approximately 18 kg. It can be adapted to the size of your baby and side impacts protect the baby's mind and shoulders.

Most have the versatility to either look forward or backward or have vertically adjusted belts and several reclining heights. Childrens car seat can be either high-backed or without backrest. High-back chairs are usually the next stage when a baby grows out of the forward looking seat of group 1 (approx. 15 kg or 4 years).

Instead, the high-back car seat without integrated belt increases the child's sitting posture so that an everyday safety belt can securely pass through slits in the seat. Which means i-size and weofix? is a new EU norm for children's car seat that is part of rule R129 (i.e. the height-based seat permission system referred to above).

Because of their sizes, the concept behind i-size is that kids sit in a correspondingly large optional seat and only grow out of it if they surpass the max hight indicated on the tag. Todays I-size runs alongside the old ordinance, but many new automobiles are now "i-size ready" so it's rewarding to check if you have the opportunity to go the i-size itinerary.

Isofix is a car seat security system that uses tight attachment points instead of seat belts to keep car seat in place. While not all iosize fits all iosize carriages ( if just making things that easy), this is actually something the new iosize car is supposed to correct - if you have an i-size car, every i-size car should work.

What should I pay for a car seat? This is a good point, because the prices for car seat vary greatly. A number of different items are available for you to look at, such as a sunscreen and a reflector that allows you to see your baby's face when it is in the back posture.

When this is not possible, it is essential for rear-facing infant car seat passengers to deactivate the front seat passengers seat cushion, as in this situation the baby's baby's skull would be too near to the seat cushion if it were released. A number of retail stores, such as Halfords and Mothercare, are offering to customize the seat for you first.

Whatever your seat is mounted, it is of the utmost importance that you thoroughly review and adhere to the manufacturer's installation guidelines and look out for evidence of poor seat fit. In case you are in doubts whether the seat looks safe, try again or ask for help.

An ill-fitting seat does not perform the task for which it was conceived and is therefore not valuable. Browse all our car seat review.

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