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The products that are "preserved" in the first few years can save lives. The Baby Studio Ltd. Are you looking for a mother's opinion on baby and toddler brands?

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Yeah Baby/Gears Shift Replica Long Sleeve Shortshirt

What is the shipping date? When you order an article in store until 13.00 (UK time), your order will be shipped the same working Monday to Friday. British orders are shipped by Royal Mail, which should be received within two to five business working days of shipment (but may take longer from case to case). Non-British orders are shipped by Royal Mail International Airmail, which usually lasts 10-15 business workingdays from shipping, but can take up to 30 working days if the article is kept by the custom officials of your state.

What is the price of shipment? Currently all orders are shipped without a tracking-number, but we will soon offer you the opportunity to update to a monitored supply chain. Do I have to pay shipment, duty and custom charges? If you place a pre-order, your order will be processed immediately and you will get an e-mail confirming your order.

If the article is in store, your pre-order will be shipped and you will get a delivery advice. Remember that suppliers' deadlines are subject to changes; please review the list of products for the latest information. What time will my pre-order shipment take place? On the quotation page, look for the date a pre-ordered article was shipped.

Your return policy? Our return policy is 100 days from the date of sale.

Reimbursement or substitution will be offered upon receiving the product.

Phile&teds 5 Must-Have Baby Trip Outfits

At phil&teds, it's about empowering adults to adjust to and endure their everyday education with products that let you lead your life with children in drag. No matter whether you have your first baby, a second baby or more, a parent needs products that meet the needs of a larger team.

They are also adults and they know what it is like to empower them as adults to keep doing what you have always done. That' s why they have developed cutting edge (and award-winning) baby equipment that adjusts to your needs - with everything you need to slide, sleeping, feed, wear, propel and adjust (to survive!).

We speak of beautiful small size solution that allows you to travel in your home town or on vacation. So if you are a relative who likes to go outside and discover the outside worlds, here are some life-saving products that will allow you to continue doing what you really like, with children In-line.

Incredibly light, Hummer is ideal for the children security chair when travelling as it is packed in its own carrying case and can be attached to most desks. It'?s the bed that's easier than the baby! Join Traveler, the only bed that' heavier than the 6-pound baby. Supercompact, travelable bed that wraps itself in a small carrying case and unwraps to become a convenient and breatheable birthing bed.

Small for on the go, ultra light with just 4.4 pounds and oh-so simple to use, the Stroller Express is an ergonomically designed and convenient companion for parents and children. Drive confidently with alfa, a secure and light baby booster for your baby that you can use effortlessly from your baby's moment of delivery to 9 month.

This is a unique pram that can be transformed into a twin pram without enlarging its size. A parent loves a smart find, and those who opt for an in-line stroller are glad to have made the right decision the first one.

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