Baby Gear Stores near me

Baby-equipment shops near me

Piccadilly has the largest selection of climbing and outdoor equipment. I'm very close back to my pre-pregnancy weight/form, but need new clothes. City of London Pickadilly Our head office is located in Riccadilly, just a few steps from the metro stop of Riccadilly and directly opposite Waterstones, in the centre of London. Here you will find an eclectic selection of gear from major brand names such as The North Face, Rab, Berghaus and Arc'teryx as well as a whole array of other great gear for your next adventures.

Piccadilly employees have as much respect for nature as you do, so you can be confident that they will help you get the set you need for all your planned adventure-outings. Free in-store service includes boots and backpack equipment, with our professionally skilled personnel making easy adaptations to give you ultimate convenience and assistance.

There are also kits for club presentations that prepare for an expedition or project to get information about your clothes and gear. Just give us a call or ask in the shop for further information. Exceptionally skilled business personnel, among them scouts and tour guides as well as Himalayan experts. Piccadilly has the widest selection of mountaineering and adventure gear available.

Accessability: Accessability: For more information about our Personal Shopper Services please visit this shop. Covent Garden (1 miles) is our next fully-accessible shop.

To have a baby is a beautiful and satisfying time.

To have a baby is a beautiful and satisfying time. A lot of the things parent buy are hardly used and sometimes not used at all and we all want the best for our kids without cracking the bench, so preference can be the response! There is a large and varied selection of new stocks that I have chosen with care, from baby bases to something completely different.

There is also a choice of baby presents available. A lot of different articles in the shop, handcrafted to order from knit and present postcards. From Monday to Saturday - 10.00 - 16.00 All beloved articles are as seen and not returned sell. Children's carers in the shop get a 10% reduction on the presentation of their ticket.

For new goods, we provide an interchange or refund policy and no refund.

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