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They have been one of the greatest players in the kindergarten business since our childhood, so we expected a great deal from the Chicco name. The 1-2-3 Activity Centre, an upgraded version of a classic hiker, is a new addition to the extensive Chicco range of parent product. Now Chicco has found a way for the Activity Centre to see baby's from the first step to driving time!

What does the Walker do for a baby just getting on its feet? Well, I don't know. As my 8 month old Ru still feels like he's still in a good position when he gets support, he's just right for 1-2-3 activity center one. As soon as he was placed in the walker, he was comfortably wobbling around in it.

When my nurse dropped off her 15-month-old twin for a little bit of a visitor, the 1-2-3 activity centre kept her busy for sure. Because it is quite heavy, the baby walker does not run away when pressed by smallĀ hand. Walker are known to be unwieldy at best, and this multifunctional form means they don't drop down at all.

However, as a relative of a younger baby, I am privately glad that my boy is not yet able to move in all the different ways. What changes does the Walker make to the different legs? Switching from one step to another is not something you can do at the push of a button. Dismantling and reconfiguration is required, and although it is a 15-minute piece of work, you wouldn't want to do it every single working day-it' should be growing with a kid.

This means that you can work through the phases and return to the first setup at any time if you have another small one on the track. Your child's attraction will be attracted by the electric play surface, which is light and highly interactiv. Even if Ru has to come out of the walker before he wants to, he can be comforted by taking his light when he is back on the mainland.

This Walker can be bought at Kiddicare, Argos or Tesco. The Walker is inexpensive? RRP 79. 99 is definitely not a cheaper hiker. However, if you are also likely to buy a Push aloft and a rider, it is certainly inexpensive to think about what you would have to spend on all three.

There is no question, once you get used to the sophisticated walker designs, it is obvious that the simple arrangement of braces and braces changes the function in one way or another. Chicco 1-2-3 Activity Centre is a light, funny and skilfully shaped hiker who grows with your baby from 6 month to three years.

It is not the least expensive walker on the water, but since there are three different levels, you can make long-term savings - as long as you have the room to stock and use it.

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