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Girl Baby

The baby girl "Child M" passed away after her 15 hour stay in the babychair. One 10-week-old baby was killed after being buckled into a vehicle for 15 consecutive hour by his parent, according to a review. The Wigan Safeguarding Childrens Board's findings unveiled the seven babies the mother has born since June 2015, only four have lived longer than 16 moths - and they still remain with their mothers.

It was a scandalous account that showed how the child M died on the third anniversary of the "high-risk" familiy holidays in July 2016. It was a devastating incident during a four-day vacation for which the six kids had been taken to a 35 mile Wigan spa in Greater Manchester by their mothers. The father was described as "not supportive" at the moment of the child M.'s passing away and often went off "for whole working days on tips".

Lost leave comprised three kids - all elementary school-age and younger, a 13-month-old kid and the 10-week-old Gemini. Around 10 a.m. the father found his youngest girl insensitive in a baby chair in the room next to her sister's baby. About 20 mins later the father took his dead baby to the front desk, where the ambulance men were arriving after only two mins.

It'?s in the report: The three youngest kids were accommodated in the loft bedrooms between 7 p.m. and 7 p.m., the parent of Baby M's and their three older kids went down to the lobby of the building to make contacts. Later, the constabulary conducted a penal inquiry and was able to check whether the parent had examined their family.

Following the catastrophe, parental bloody testing was carried out after cops found empty tins of "lager bear and brew bottle" in the bedrooms. The Neo-Natal Outreach Team (NORT) "worked with the whole familiy to get ready for their holiday". As of the date of Kid M's deaths, the familiy was already the object of a Section 17 Intervention defining a Kid as "in need".

Whilst the review noted that certain areas of multi-agency practices needed to be strengthened, there were no "serious gaps in practice" that could cause Child M's deaths.

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