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Great Britain (including BFPO) - USA. Place your order now for fast delivery in the UK. Bean cutters and bed warmers: household items we miss the most - oldest person in the UK: And we made baby coats and hats and blankets for the crib.

MPs help rescue the lives of a two-week-old girl after she has ceased to breathe.

There were three MPs who saved the lives of a one-week-old baby who ceased to breathe after suffocating while in a Portland Oregon downtown retail area. They say that everything seemed to happen in slower mode back then, but the security footage showed how quickly things really went down. Audrey's dad started the baby's CPR, and when the substitutes came, they took the lead so the families could see how they worked really harder to rescue their newborn.

Don't really know how to help or what the hell is going on," Father Kaylob Harmon told NBC4. Zacharkiv then turned Audrey on her belly and used a belching ribcage to get rid of liquid from her airways. When he turned the baby around again, Russell used a bellied nasal aspirator to get liquid out of Audrey's nostrils.

She was taken to Oregon Health and Science University for medical attention, where she stays in ICU, but now does much better than last weekend. Tuesday night, for the first in more than a weeks, Baby Audrey began to breathe by itself. Kaylob said he wanted a painting that would show Audrey the boys who rescued their lives," Deputy Zacharkiv said.

We really thought she was gone then," Deputy Russell said. If that had been done at home, it probably would have been an entirely different story," Deputy Harmon said.

Mckinnon and his spouse Teigan announce the delivery of a little girl.

Doughan and Alex McKinnon have heralded the arrival of their little girl. Former NRL-Star 26, paralyzed and abandoned in a handicapped vehicle after a disastrous 2014 event in the fields, unveiled the latest on Monday in the public press. Teigan, 24, divided an excerpt from the lucky familiy, which she titled "When 2 became 3".

McKinnon said,'Happy anniversaries @teiganmckinnon' and added a loving hearts email. Former Newcastle Knights striker - who sustained a cord laceration and was a tetraplegic - previously talked about his hope of having a baby one after all. Only a few and a half years after the accident, McKinnon suggested to his long-time companion that he get out of his sickbed and swore to be on his legs when he got remarried.

Doughan divided the advancement of her husband's rehabilitative and, just a few working days before her marriage, showed a McKinnon footage of McKinnon walk with the help of a framework. So proud of all the work Alex McKinnon puts into his rehab," she said.

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